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DOCX File Recovery - Perform Easy Word Document Recovery

Advanced DOCX File Recovery tool is the smartest way for handling corrupted Word files, and to fix them in an efficient manner. It can repair DOCX file which is inaccessible due to corruption. The tool successfully restores maximum possible data from corrupted DOCX files into a new file. The original file is remained intact or untouched after recovery.

The tool successfully restores your unreadable but crucial data from corrupted Word file and saves them into a new file at user-defined location. It keeps the original file(s) unchanged or intact after the recovery process. The tool works in a self-describing mode and hence, requires no prior technical knowledge.

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Below are few powerful features of DOCX File Recovery tool:

Complete Recovery

Complete Recovery: By using this advanced recovery tool, users can perform a complete recovery of their inaccessible data from corrupted DOCX files in just a few mouse clicks. It successfully restores the crucial data including texts, images, text formatting, formulae, tables, graphs, etc.

Multiple Files Recovery

Multiple Files Recovery: The tool supports recovery from single as well as multiple DOCX files at the same time. Users can select multiple files to perform batch recovery in order to save their precious time which is taken during multiple files recovery one by one.

Recovery in Two Modes

Recovery in Two Modes: There are two different recovery modes in this tool: Standard and Advanced modes for fixing minor or moderate corruption issues and severe or major corruption issues respectively. If the standard mode fails to perform recovery, users can select advanced mode for better results.

Preview Recovered Data

Preview Recovered Data: The tool provides a smart preview of recovered data in the preview pane before users can save them at user-defined location into new file(s). The preview can be seen in both forms, i.e. text and image, separately.


Non-Destructive: It is a non-destructive application that makes the recovery process highly safe without causing unnecessary changes or modification to the original file(s). It maintains the integrity of the file objects during recovery session and keeps the selected files intact or unchanged after recovery.


Easy-to-Use: Any technical and non-technical user can use this tool with ease as it requires no prior technical expertise at all. The tool contains an interactive and user-friendly interface which makes it an easy-to-use application.

Highly Supportable

Highly Supportable: The recovery software highly supports all the major versions of MS Word which create DOCX files, such as: MS Word 2007 and later. Users can run this tool under any Windows operating systems with ease.

Download Demo Version for Free Evaluation

The advanced DOCX File Recovery tool is available with free demo version that can be used for evaluation. Demo version of the tool contains all the common functionalities which the licensed version does. Using demo version, users can scan the corrupted DOCX files and preview the recovered in both text and image form. But the saving feature is disabled in demo version due to a limitation. You need to purchase the licensed version of the tool to avoid this limitation.

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Why is DOCX File Recovery software needed?

DOCX File Recovery software becomes requisite for Word users when corruption is encountered on their Word documents. File corruption is always an inevitable occurrence. Like other computer files, a Word document is also prone to corruption. There are several reasons which are highly responsible for corruption in Word documents. Few most common reasons are discussed below:

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