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Microsoft Office Recovery

Advanced Microsoft Office Recovery range of Data Recovery Solutions contains most requisite Windows utilities for recovering data from corrupted files of MS Office components, such as: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. The recovery tools are highly efficient in performance and functioning, as well as easy-to-use and easy-to-understand.

Check out the smartest solutions Microsoft Office Recovery range:

DOC File Recovery

To repair corrupt Word file, advanced DOC File Recovery tool is the smartest solution in the market. The tool provides excellent results by recovering maximum possible data from corrupt Word document saved with DOC extension. A new fresh document will be created at user-defined location for saving all the recovered data.

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DOCX File Recovery

Advanced DOCX File Recovery tool is the smartest way for handling corrupted Word files, and to fix them in an efficient manner. It can repair DOCX file which is inaccessible due to corruption. The tool successfully restores maximum possible data from corrupted DOCX files into a new file. The original file is remained intact after recovery.

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PPT Recovery

Try PPT Recovery tool of Data Recovery Solutions for fixing corrupt PowerPoint presentation saved with PPT extension. This tool not only restores your file objects from corrupted PPT files, but also extracts all the images and pictures from them in a safe mode. It has an interactive user-interface designed for both technical and non-technical users.

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PPTX Recovery

Are you having corruption in PowerPoint presentations? Fix it by using smart PPTX Recovery tool. It is the smartest solution for repairing PowerPoint files and recovering maximum possible data from them. It maintains the integrity of data and files while repairing them. For evaluation purpose, users can download free demo version of this tool.

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XLSX Repair

To fix corrupted Excel file, the XLSX Repair tool is very useful solution. It can save your highly crucial data of Excel worksheet which can be lost due to corruption. The tool is highly efficient to fix all the corruption errors and issues from corrupt XLSX files. It restores maximum data including charts, chartsheets, cell comments, worksheet properties, etc.

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