5 Best Yandex Backup Software Recommended by MVPs

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Yandex is a Russian company that came into action in 1997. They induce machine learning algorithms in many of the products of their company. People know Yandex for their email services but other than email they have many of their search engines and also have products of various categories. Many of the organizations are using Yandex email but now want to take backup of their Yandex email into Gmail or any other popular email client. In this article, I would like you to talk about the Top 5 Yandex Backup Software to Backup unlimited Mailboxes.

Let us study all of the 5 best Yandex Backup tools in the descending order of supremacy.

DRS Yandex Backup Software

DRS Softech is at the top in the list of the companies with the best Yandex backup software that provides the facilitated automated tool under the name Yandex Backup Tool that helps the users to flawlessly take the backup of their Yandex emails to Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL, HostGator and various other email clients. This tool also allows you to take the backup of your associated PDF files easily.

Guarantee migration success!

Download Free DRS Yandex Mail Backup Tool for Windows and Mac to download and backup Yandex emails to Thunderbird, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, Hostgator, Live Exchange, etc.

Let us just take a look at the Premium Features of this Software

  • Yandex Backup tool helps you to take backup of Yandex emails into more than 17 well known file formats and over 14 cloud-based email clients.
  • DRS Softech has designed this tool in such a manner that you can easily filter your emails using the mail filter option provided by this tool.
  • A tree structure is enforced by the Yandex Backup tool by using which you can easily take an outer view of all the folders of your Yandex email before exporting Yandex email.
  • It helps you to remove data redundancy by removing the duplicate emails provided by the software.
  • You can also use the naming convention feature of the tool that helps you to set the name of your choice on the files that are going to be converted so that you will find it easily.
  • You can download the complete report after taking the backup of your Yandex emails that allows you to study the conversion process.
  • After taking the backup of Yandex email into Gmail or any other email client, the Yandex backup tool eliminates the emails and thus helps us to save the server space.
  • They are providing a demo version for their Yandex backup tool which is free of cost. You can also avail of the offer by going to the official DRS Softech website and can freely take a backup of your 50 Yandex emails for free.

Sysinfo Yandex Backup Tool

If we are talking about the 5 best Yandex backup tools, then our list is incomplete without talking about the Sysinfo Yandex Backup software. It is the second prominent tool on our list by which you can take backup of your Yandex backup into more than 30+ email clients and the various file formats such as Gmail, AOL, PDF, PST, Office 365, etc.

Let us take a look at the features that this tool provides to its users.

  • You can take backup of your Yandex emails into document, image, file, webmail, and cloud-based email platforms easily.
  • It helps you to move Yandex email to OST, PST, CSV, HTML, and many other file formats.
  • You can choose the option of Mail filter to filter your emails.
  • The automatic backup schedule of the emails can also be set in the Sysinfo Yandex backup tool to take the backup of your Yandex emails on its own.
  • This utility keeps the same hierarchy of the folders as they are before the backup process.
  • You can also free your server space by deleting the emails that are backed up by you.
  • Go to their official website and download the trial version to freely convert 50 emails per folder and get to know about the software functionality even better.

Aryson Yandex Mail Backup

Aryson technologies have used the best algorithms to make Yandex Backup tool whose work is to migrate Yandex emails to Gmail, HostGator, GoDaddy, Outlook, and various email clients. Security and privacy are always maintained in this software utility.

You can take a Yandex email backup in a matter of minutes by using this professional software.

Let us see some of the prominent features of the software,

  • You can use the Yandex backup tool made by Aryson to take Yandex email backup between a date range which can be set by you.
  • Identical emails can be deleted while taking the backup of your Yandex emails using this software.
  • Users can convert Yandex mail to CSV, HTML, MHTML, PDF etc. very fastly using the Yandex backup tool.
  • It supports Tree Structure by using which you can easily select the folders of your choice.
  • PDF attachments can also be taken into account while taking the backup of Yandex emails using this software.

Back up your 50 Yandex emails per folder by using the Aryson Yandex tool by downloading the demo version of the tool from the official website.

Cigati Yandex Backup Tool

In the list, the Cigati Yandex backup tool stands tall at number four in the list of best Yandex Software’s. This tool offers its users to import Yandex email to many email clients and popular file formats available in the market. The primary image of the data will never be risked upon while taking backup of data using this tool.

Let us study all the features of the Yandex backup tool one by one,

  • By using this tool, you can save Yandex mail attachments at a separate place of your choice.
  • Convert Yandex email to MBOX, PST, EML, and another file format in a short period.
  • Once you have taken the backup, clear your server space by deleting the backed-up emails.
  • Use, Set Backup Schedule feature to schedule a newer backup of your Yandex emails.
  • Preview all your emails of Yandex in a tree structure using the Cigati Yandex backup tool.
  • Users can visit the official website and can download the free trial version of the software and check the performance and speed by converting the 50 emails for free of cost.

Regain Yandex Mail Backup Software

Regain has been in the market for a while. They have introduced their Yandex mail Backup Software in such a way that users can easily take backup of Yandex email to hard drive, computer, and removable USBs.

Some of the features that Regain Yandex backup tool offers are mentioned below,

  • The Regain Yandex tool needs permission by which multiple Yandex email backups can be taken easily.
  • Migrate Yandex email to PST, MBOX, EML, MSG etc. formats of file.
  • Use, Check/Uncheck feature to take the backup of specific Yandex emails of your choice.
  • The same structure of the folders is retained by the Regain Yandex backup tool while migrating Yandex emails.
  • Go and visit the official regain website to try their free demo version and convert your 30 emails for free.


In this article as promised, I have provided you a list of Top 5 best Yandex Backup Software to Backup unlimited mailboxes. DRS Softech has the best Yandex Backup tool. You can simply go for the demo version, know the features of the software, and then easily purchase and download the full version to convert Yandex email to Gmail or any other email client and many file formats swiftly.

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