Database Corruption – The Most Common Reasons

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database corruptionDatabase corruption is certainly one of the worst nightmares in the life of database administrators as well as users. Database users store precious data in their database files each and every day. Excessive amount of data storage increases the size of database file, and hence leads to inaccessibility or many other problematic issues. Database corruption is one of most dangerous issues that can put the crucial data at high risk. Due to corruption, a database file cannot be opened or accessed, or the data may be lost forever.

Most Common Reasons for Database Corruption 

No computer file is immune to corruption, so are the database files. The bitter truth is that the database files are prone to corruption. Not only a single reason is responsible for database corruption. In fact, there are many reasons which can cause corruption in database files.

Some of the common reasons are given below:

Database corruption due to Abruptly Termination 

Abruptly termination of a program is always very dangerous, and put your invaluable data at high risk. While working on a database file, if the database program gets terminated due to unexpected power failure or forcefully, it may result in the inaccessibility of database file or the file may become corrupted.

Database corruption due to Power Failure 

Sudden power failure of a system is the most common reasons for any type of data loss or corruption. Aforementioned reason is the result of power failure. Also, it may damage the system hard disk drive. If a system gets shut down due to unexpected power failure at the time you are working on a database file, corruption chances are fairly high.

Database corruption due to Virus Infection 

Virus infection or attack is always considered the top-most reason for data corruption in computer. Viruses and bugs are computer programs which may attack on the data and files in order to make them infected. Data and files which are infected by virus or bugs attacks, are inaccessible.

Database corruption due to Hard Disk Failure 

Hard disk is the main part of a computer system. If any failure or crash occurs in system hard disk, it may create bad sectors. And if the database files are stored in any of the bad sectors of the hard disk, the files cannot be opened or you can just read a few part of the files. The rest data will be unreadable.

Database corruption due to Faulty Network Connection 

Network plays an important role if the database file is stored in the Server, i.e. sharing the file over a network or uploading/downloading it. If any type interruption takes place, the database file may become inaccessible. Also, faulty network devices may cause a lot of serious problems for database administrators.

Database corruption due to Software Malfunction 

Software malfunction or failure is a situation when a software program fails to perform or starts delivering unexpected results or errors. Software starts malfunctioning when it collides with other software programs which are already installed on the system.

Aforementioned reasons are highly responsible for database corruption. In such a critical situation, a backup file will be a lifesaver for database administrators. Backup file can be used to restore the database file. Situation becomes challenging here if there is no backup available. A third-party recovery tool would be the last hope left.

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