Convert MDF To SQL Script online – Quick DIY Approach

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Summary: If you are wondering how to convert MDF to SQL script online, you can refer to this article as we are going to discuss a few easy and quick techniques to convert MDF files to SQL scripts. But before this, let’s have a quick overview of MDF file and SQL Script.

What is MDF File

SQL Database is one of the widely used databases that uses primary database files called Master Database File (MDF) to store all the data and schema information including data, rows, fields, and columns created by SQL users. All the activities performed by users in the SQL Database like create, modify, update, delete are stored in the MDF files as a .mdf extension. But the major drawback with the MDF file is that it cannot be opened directly to view the SQL queries or commands. To do so, one needs to convert MDF to SQL script.

What is SQL Script

SQL script is a set of statements saved as a file in SQL scripts. The users can use the SQL scripts to create, run, view, edit or delete script files. It can carry one or more SQL commands.

Primary reasons to convert MDF file to SQL Script

Though, MDF files are the primary database files in SQL Server. But they are unreadable as the user cannot open, read or view these MDF files. Hence, to make them accessible, one needs to convert MDF to SQL script. Besides this, there are several other reasons such as a virus or malicious attacks, human errors, etc. which might comply users to convert master database files into SQL script.

Possible ways to convert MDF to SQL script Online

Following methods can be performed to convert MDF files into SQL scripts:

  1. Manual Method.
  2. Alternate Method

Manual Method:

  • Run SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the SQL Server.
  • Click on Database option to choose the database file for which you want to generate SQL script.
  • Do right-click on the database and click on Generate scripts option and click Next.
  • Now, from Choose objects dialogue box, opt for Script entire database and all database objects and click Next.
  • Here you will get three options to export data i.e. Data only, Schema only, and Data and Schema. Click on Advanced to choose any of the given options as per your preferences.
  • Finally, you can get the entire database objects as SQL scripts.

Use an alternate method

Sometimes, executing manual steps could lead you to the worse state as manual methods are a complex and tedious task to perform. Furthermore, manual methods also required a strong technical knowledge to execute those steps. Hence, choosing a professional solution would be a wise choice. The MDF Converter is a reliable tool that has a self-explanatory user-interface which performs hassle-free conversion of MDF files to SQL scripts.


Final Verdict

Both the above methods will help you to convert MDF to SQL Script. However, the manual method is quite challenging especially if you are a non-technical user as it requires technical knowledge to execute the above steps. Therefore, to make a hassle-free conversion, you can opt for a professional solution.


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