Exchange Server 2019 will be released soon – Microsoft

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Here we have noticed that Microsoft never fails with their Marketing strategy of bringing new versions within every 3 years without failing.  To accompany their release list, Exchange Server 2019 is ready to be launched soon.

Whenever, Microsoft plans to release a new version of Exchange server (like Exchange 2016 in late 2015, Exchange 2013 in late 2012 and Exchange 2010 in late 2009). It surely brings a combined satisfactory to thousands of administrators, as they are not ready to move their emails into the Office 365 platform.

Quite interesting to read, Right! Let’s dig in to grasp more knowledge about it in detail.

Although, there is a long time to grab a working experience with upcoming Exchange Server 2019. But, Users are much excited to know the features and advancement of the latest upcoming Exchange Server 2019. So here is this blog, representing all the features which are going to fused in it.

Expected Features of Upcoming Exchange Server 2019

We have noticed that Microsoft is very much clear and focused about what they serve, in terms of Security, Manageability, Usability, and Compliance. So, many enthusiastic experts of Microsoft and IT professionals have made some predictions which were shared in the conference. It looks like this,


Although, all the below mentioned features are not exactly what it will include but just the pre-assumptions. Let’s check them all and get ready to explore!

The minimum basic requirement of Operating system and Active Directory will be excluded which is out of mainstream support. As a result, Windows Server 2012 R2 will be the possible minimum support for OS and AD for Exchange Server 2019.

All the deprecated features in Exchange 2016 version are going to be replaced or used for specific functionality. Like, MAPI and HTTP Exchange will be by-default and work only as a communication protocol. Hence RPC-over-HTTP is considered to be replaced by MAPIhttp, as it is much more compatible with different types of Outlook client.

Office 2013 may be out of mainstream support by the time of Exchange Server 2019 RTMs. Hence Outlook 2013 will be the minimum client support. But, it is quite unpredictable to have the latest operating system for Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. Hence it is really a big thing to convenience customers for upgrading their Office client deployment.

The new update of Outlook on the web will be expected for recent Exchange Online User experience

Microsoft has given their best in improving the performance rate of the database engine to increase its efficiency. To end this we can say Microsoft is always working on the several ways in improvising the popularity of On-premise Exchange to aid users within less interval of time.

As Exchange 2010, DAG (Database Availability Group) the highly accessible and flexible database group is marked as the basis of the HA/SR in Exchange Online. Hence there will be no change in the server role architecture.

The edge transport will also be going to be present in Exchange server 2019 to fulfill customer’s needs and requirements

There will be a slight change observed in the public folders like scalability will be improved though features will remain same in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.

Hybridization will become simpler and easier to use. As its cross premises challenges of hybrid deployment will continue to improve. Including calendar sharing, mailing permission, delegates etc.

Final Verdict

There is no point of doubt in the Microsoft quality. They always give better than the last. One such innovation is Exchange Server 2019. We know, all users are expecting to get some extra and advanced features in new Exchange Server 2019.

On the basis of belief and regular pattern of changes, Microsoft redesigns its newer version. Here all pointed features are just the assumption not real. You may or may not find them in the upcoming latest version of Exchange Server.

But, having some prior knowledge about the expectations about newer version will develop a sense of confidence, and token of interest flows in the future users.

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