Are you fed up of Repetitive Occurrence of Backup Error Exec Codes? Let’s See How to fix it.

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The technical experts always recommend creating a backup of Windows Data files because in future if the user faces any issues with the original files, he can easily restore it from the backup files. But many users are unaware of some common Backup Error Exec Codes which interrupts in the smooth working of the system.

In this article, I am going to discuss those errors. There are hundreds of errors but I’ll discuss only the five major ones which are common. It is easy to automatically create the backup of Windows files but keeping them immune to corruption is a difficult task. There are many reasons for backup files corruption so first, you must be aware of those reasons. The major cause of the errors is BKF file corruption.

Reasons for BKF File Corruption

  • Virus Intrusion- The external viruses entering via unknown websites and applications are responsible for BKF file corruption. They damage the Backup files and restricts the user from restoring it.
  • Interruption in Backup Process- Any kind of interruption during the backup process affects the BKF files and ultimately the user faces the error. It is hard to repair that BKF file if you don’t have a professional tool.
  • Abrupt System Shutdown- Sometimes due to power failure the computer system abruptly shuts down and as a result, it affects some files of the Windows, therefore, it is always advised to have an immediate power backup.

Well, I have discussed the main reasons for the backup error. Now let’s see what the types of error code are.

Types of Backup Error Exec Codes

There are five major BKF error codes which restrict the user from restoring the files from Windows Backup.

The Dependency Group Failed to Start- Backup Error 1068

This error occurs when one or more backup exec service fails to start. You can check the issue with the help of the Service Control Manager and see which exec service has failed to start and causing this error. The best way to see the service is given below:-

  • Open PowerShell and run the Command Given Below:-

Get-Service | Where-Object {$_.StartType -eq ‘Automatic’ -and $_.Status -eq ‘Stopped’}

You will see the list of services that are configured to run automatically but they are not running.

  • After running the command Open Service Control Manager.
  • Make a Right-Click on Service and then on Start Command from the Shortcut menu.

If it doesn’t work:-

  • In Event Viewer Check the Application and System Logs.

I hope now you have got the hint of the cause of this error. In the majority of cases, the change in the service account’s password is responsible for this problem.

Error 1603

This error basically occurs during the installation process and agent update process. The common errors you may see are as follows:-

  • Agent Install Failed Error.
  • Backup Exec Remote Agent Failed.
  • Error while connecting to the remote server.

These errors mainly depend on the version of Backup Exec you are using. If you are using the latest version then you can resolve the issue by enabling the Remote Registry in the Service control manager.

In the case of the old version the problem is usually related to the DLL File conflict with one of the files mentioned below:-

  • Eportmodeller.dll
  • Schedu.dll
  • Schedgnrur.dll

But you can easily resolve this error by making a modification to the Windows Registry. Making an amendment to the Windows registry or its applications sometimes proves risky. So you should be advised taking the backup of all the files before any modification.

Once you create the backup follow the steps given below:-

  • Open Registry Editor.
  • Then Click on Registry Tree.
  • Select HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\TypeLib.
  • Make a Right-Click on TypeLib Container.
  • Select the Permission Command from the shortcut menu.
  • Give a Full Control to the Administrator Groups and SYSTEM.

A failure occurred querying the writer status- Error E000FED1

This error is one of the Backup Error Exec Codes which is related to the Volume Shadow Copy Service writer also known as VSS. The VSS writer fails to backup application and thus the error E000FED1 occurs. Use the following command prompt to resolve this error.


Now, from the list, VSS writers check the VSS writer who is causing the trouble. You can fix the error by rebooting the whole system. If the error is not resolved then use the VSSADMIN command to find the VSS writer which is causing the issue.

Backup Exec Error E000E020

This error is the most common error among all the errors. When a Schedule Job is unable to run then this error occurs. Most of the time this error occurs because the job scheduled prevents the user from taking the Windows backup.

For Example- A user has set the job to be done after 1 hour but in half an hour he closes the windows, then the chances of this error are high.

A Backup Storage Read or Write Error has Occurred- Code E00084EC

This error is quite difficult to fix. Earlier this error used to pop up with a message that “The Tape Drive needs to be cleansed”. But clearing the tape drive didn’t resolve the problem. Now it is clear that the reason for this error is the problem with the backup medium itself.

Well, that’s all about the various errors. But now the question arises that how you will fix these Backup Error Exec codes. Don’t worry, there is professional software which will help to fix the error.

Backup Exec BKF Repair Pro

This is a professional tool which helps the user to repair BKF files and resolves all errors. Once you try this professional tool then I am quite sure that you’ll get rid of all the possible errors in BKF files. This software is fast and it fixes severe corruption issues. If you think that there might be a risk of data loss then please don’t bother about it because of this tool repairs and recovers BKF files without any data alteration.

Download Backup FIle Repair Tool Pro


Now I should wrap up the things. I have told you the major codes of backup error. There is some measure through which you can fix the issue. But if you want one way out for all the errors then it is only possible with the help of professional software. I hope my article is informative and you have found your answer.

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