Fix 0x800c8105 Outlook Error after Update

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MS Outlook usage has been increased for 10 years. Every corporate user or company has created a dependency on Outlook Email Client. In order to avail new features in MS Outlook, people are regularly updating it. But many of them are facing 0x800c8105 Outlook Error once they update their Outlook application. Well, the code looks horrible but it is easy to resolve.

Before, discussing the solution of this error, I’d like to discuss the causes of the Outlook error.

Causes of Outlook Error

Mainly there are two causes of errors. The first one is due to a hardware problem and the second one is due to a software problem.

Hardware Problems

  • Data Storage failure results in Outlook PST file corruption thus leads to this error.
  • Sometimes due to Network Failure, the user is unable to view PST files present on the server and thus faces this error.
  • Abrupt Power Failure in the middle of any process is also responsible for this error.

Software Related Problems

  • The external virus attacks into the computer system also make the PST file corrupted and damage. Therefore in such a situation, the occurrence of this error as usual.
  • I don’t know why a user always keeps a large PST file and why don’t he split it. The main cause of the error 0x800c8105 is large sized PST file. There are maximum chances of corruption when the PST file size is large.
  • Many users are always in a hurry and they close the MS Outlook application in the middle of the process. So this can also affect the PST file.

There are many reasons for the error therefore now I’ll discuss how you can resolve 0x800c8105 Outlook Error. Now, you know the reason of this error that it occurs due to PST file corruption.

Resolve PST Corruption and Fix the Error

There are basically two methods through which you can easily fix the PST corruption issues.

Inbox Repair Tool or Scanpst.exe.

Some of the Conditions of using these tools are:-

  • When the PST file size is not more than 2 GB.
  • There is a minor level of corruption in the PST file.
  • The user is from a technical background.

If you don’t fulfill all the conditions then I must say that avoid using the manual method to repair the PST file and fix error 0x800c8105.

How to use Inbox Repair Tool

  • Locate the Scanpst.exe tool into your PC.
  • Open the PST file which you want to repair and then Click on the Start
  • The scanning process starts and you can see the status in the progress bar.
  • If there will be an error, then it will be shown to you.
  • Click on Repair button to repair the file.
  • After the completion of the repairing process, you’ll receive a confirmation message.
  • Click on OK button and close the application.

This technique will help you out to solve the 0x800c8105 Outlook error but only when the PST file corruption is a minor one. For the major Corruption issues, you can try the PST Recovery Tool which is beyond the conditions of the Inbox Repair tool.

PST Recovery Software

As I’d told you before that this professional tool beats all the conditions of the free scanpst.exe tool. There is no file size limitation for repairing the PST file and even a non-technical user can use it as it has an easy-to-use GUI. Therefore this professional tool can deal with any type of corruption. Either it is a minor or severe corruption.

How to Use PST Repair Tool to Fix Outlook after Update Error

  • Download PST Repair Software and Install it into your PC.

Download Recover PST File Tool

  • Now, add the PST file and select the PST file and then the Recovery Mode. Click on OK to Continue.

recovery mode

  • Once the scanning process gets completed, choose the saving option from here and click OK.

  • Once you clicked on the Save option, your file gets saved and you will receive the below message.

Now you can view all the items of the PST file at the location where you have saved them. I hope after repairing the PST file you would not face any kind of such errors.


Now, I’d like to wind up things. I have given you two options. Either you can use a manual technique or the professional technique. The ball is in your court, therefore take your decision wisely and fix 0x800c8105 Outlook Error. But I want to remind you again that if you are a non-technical user then please avoid the manual technique. I hope you have understood everything. Thanks for reading.

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