Fix SQL Database Consistency Errors After DBCC CHECKDB Failed

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Summary: The solution to fix SQL Server Database Consistency errors reported by DBCC CHECKDB is discussed in this blog. Furthermore, the blog highlights a few easy methods to troubleshoot Database Consistency errors in SQL Server using a manual as well as professional help.

Generally, the working on the SQL database is a good experience for many people. But, at some time you encounter with few errors and issues. These issues result in the barrier in the smooth working of the SQL database. So, one of the issues which are quite common is “Database Consistency” error. Most likely this error is found after executing the command to check the integrity of disk in the database. The syntax of this command is DBCC CHECKDB. Here, the question can arise in your mind how this error occurs after running the DBCC CHECKDB command? What is a consistency error in SQL Server? So, let’s find out the answer in the below section.

Reason Responsible for DBCC CHECKDB Consistency Errors

The main function of the database console command of SQL is to check the consistency of the database. The consistency of disk space allocation structure is checked by this command. In tables and views, the integrity of all pages and structures are checked. The consistency of catalog with for a particular database is checked and there are some other functions which a DBCC performs. Further, if there is a failure of DBCC CHECKDB then it results into database consistency and integrity issues. The following can be factors due which consistency check fails.

  • Hardware System Issue
  • Corruption in the SQL file system
  • Issues within SQL server engine
  • Virus or malware attack

Therefore, after knowing the reasons now let’s move to the solution to fix Database Consistency error.

Solution to Fix Database Consistency Errors in SQL Database

As I discussed above the hardware and file system should be in a healthy situation for the effective working of the SQL server. In case, you have taken the backup of the database then you have the option to restore the SQL data from the backup. Although, the failure of consistency check commands indicates that repair of issues should be performed first. So, below are the factors which need resolutions.

  • Inspect the Windows System Event Log for errors in system level, disk, or diver.
  • Run CHKDSK command to examine the integrity of the file system.
  • Use hardware diagnostics for inspecting the computer system or disk.
  • Ensure your hardware is compatible with the I/O requirements needed for SQL server.
  • Use the updated software and drivers in your system.
  • The drives in which consistency errors are shown are recommended to use SQLIOSim utility. This utility is not dependent on SQL server engine for examining the I/O integrity for a system disk.
  • Your database should have PAGE_VERIFY CHECKSUM option. This is utilized for inspecting checksum errors. In case, it finds the error then check the related disk system.
  • Sometimes, during the cache, the pages become corrupted before they are written to disk. This leads to error Msg 832 in ERRORLOG. So, you have to check and resolve this error.

Hence, to take care of the above factors, the sound technical knowledge is required. If you are looking for the fastest and easiest way to troubleshoot database consistency errors, refer to the below section.

Alternate Solution to Fix Database Consistency Errors in SQL Server

The alternate solution is SQL Database Recovery tool provided by Data Recovery Solutions. This tool can easily resolve consistency errors in SQL Server. The file objects including like tables, views, stored procedure, programmability, triggers, default, and functions can be recovered. This is a very user-friendly tool which does not require sound technical knowledge. It can efficiently recover corrupted MDF files.

Bottom Lines

The above-discussed article covers all the aspects of Database Consistency errors in SQL Server. The technical users can be comfortable to use the manual method. On the other hand, a novice user can try the alternate solution.



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