Resolve File Not Found Error in Windows 10

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Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and most of the user prefer it as it provides many other distinct features which you may skip in the earlier versions. It is smooth and fast but sometimes the file not found error in Windows 10 affects its performance. It makes the system slow and corrupt. The only option left with you is to fix this error as soon as possible otherwise a lot of data would be at risk.

But before I move further, do you know the reasons for error? I suppose you might not aware of the reasons if you are a non-technical user.

Reasons for this Error

  • Abrupt System Shutdown in the middle of the closing process.
  • Presence of too many corrupt files on the system.
  • Negligence in the usage of erasure utility.
  • Interruption in the installation process of Windows 10.
  • Corruption in Master Boot Record File.

Please avoid such activities if you really want to prevent Windows 10 from getting corrupted. But first, fix the error and then continue with the smooth working of Windows.

But the question arises that how will you fix this error? Either you can use a professional tool or try the manual technique to fix the error. But if the Error is frequent and occurring again and again, then avoid the manual method. It means that some of your windows files are severely corrupted and those were the cause of the error.

Two Solutions to Resolve File not Found Error in Windows 10

There are two alternatives for resolving this error. If you have good technical knowledge then only try the manual method. In case if you don’t have any technical knowledge then go with the professional tool to fix this error.

Reboot the System to Safe Mode and then Run SFC Scan

  • Press the Power button and Start the System.
  • Immediately start pressing Shift+F8 until Advanced Boot option opens.
  • To boot in Safe Mode Navigate to Safe Mode option and Press Enter

  • Press Windows Key and type cmd.
  • Make a Right-Click on Command Prompt and Select Run as Administrator.
  • Type sfc/scannow command and press Enter.

Wait until the 100% verification completes. The sfc command scans all the files of the system and uses the cached copy of the corrupt file for replacing it. The cached copy of the corrupt file is located at %WINDir%\System32\dllcache.

In some cases when the cached copy of the corrupt file is missing, then the system may ask you for the Windows installation disc.

Fix Error Using Windows Data Recovery Software

Download Windows Data Recovery Software

  • Select the Drive you want to scan and click on Next Button to Continue. Scanning the drives will resolve file not found error in windows 10.


  • Now select the Recovery mode on the basis of Severity of corruption. Standard mode for Minor Corruption, Advanced Mode for Moderate Corruption and Deep Mode for Severe Corruption, then hit Next button.


  • Once the Scanning Process Completes Click on OK Button and then on Save button.


  • If you want to save the customized data then from the Tree-Structured Preview select the ones you want to save. Then Click on the Save button.


  • Browse to the Desired Location where you want to save the file.


  • After the completion of the whole process, you’ll receive a confirmation message. Click on OK and close the application.


I hope the above techniques will help you to find the missing files and you’ll not face such errors again.


That’s all from my side. I hope my tips will help you in resolving the error. In order to prevent this error, you must take some precautionary steps. First of all, install an effective antivirus program to restrict the entry of external computer viruses. Secondly, you must keep an eye on the file system and use a CHKDSK command on a regular basis to avoid corruption of hard drives. By these techniques, you can prevent file not found error in windows 10. I hope you liked this article.


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