How to fix Five most common errors of MS Outlook

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Microsoft Outlook is unquestionably one among the best email clients that is used widely in the corporate world. Outlook is equipped with several innovative features which are easy to understand and simple to use. It can smoothly handle various email accounts. It offers numerous exclusive combination of task on a single platform comprising, calendar, address book, notebook, email manager, web browser and lot more.

The outlook email client possesses an embedded security structure which protects its application from the other unreliable third parties source and it also supports you in improving your connectivity across other platforms. However, because of its delicate feature users may face a variety of errors in outlook.

And that is why, today I have come up with some of the most common errors of Outlook and the ways to fix them.

Top 5 common errors of Outlook

Error 1: My Outlook file exceeds the permissible limit

Regular sending and receiving emails can make your PST files too large and this may rapidly abrupt the Outlook from normal functioning and it can consequently slow down its entire process. Once Outlook PST file touched the maximum size, you would not be able to add any extra data to it. And then it may start acting abruptly and get corrupt.

Solution:  You can fix this Outlook error by removing the unnecessary file/data and other bulky objects to make your storage space free.

Error 2: Outlook files not responding while opening

This is another very commonly found error in MS Outlook. This issue may arise because of Outlook crashing when opening, freezing or hanging. Nonetheless, by restarting your computer you can temporarily help you in solving this issue but it is not a long-term solution.

However you can permanently fix this Outlook errors by following the below:


  • Ensure that your Outlook is updated with the latest version
  • Remove all harmful Add-ins in Outlook files
  • Reset the Outlook to First Run status
  • Close all the Antivirus application that is running on your computer.
  • Decrease the actual size of your file size in Outlook.
  • Combine and archive all your Outlook data files

Error 3: Outlook emails &attachments taking too much time to open

The third most common errors of Outlook is when your Outlook slows down. However, it is not at all an error but a big issue for many users.

We regularly install add-ins in order to make Outlook data files more secure and easy to use. But apart from helping, it may increase the actual loading time of Outlook data files. Though, it may also outperform the default file size.

Solution: For resolving this kind of Outlook error you need to disable all the add-ins.

Error 4: Outlook asks the user’s password again and again

This is one of the most irritating errors in Microsoft Outlook as every time when a user tries to send his mail he/she is asked to enter their account details. However, this kind of error may occur if your Outlook is not configured correctly.

Solution: While adding the details of user like the username or password you must choose the option to store a user’s password, otherwise you will have to fill the same thing repeatedly before sending an email. Thus in order to fix Outlook issues on this, open the control panel and use the Mail option to edit the Outlook profile.

Error 5: Outlook data file got corrupted

Corruption is believed to be the most common errors of Outlook and certainly one of the major issues faced by any user. When an Outlook data file gets corrupted, your data becomes inaccessible and there are chances that you can even lose your crucial data.

Solution: With the intention to solving this error you may also use the SCANPST.EXE. It is an inbuilt inbox repair tool which easily repairs the errors in the data file. It is believed to be quite effective in almost any kind of data loss /error situations. However, after using SCANPST EXE if you are unable to resolve the error, then you can use another professional third-party tool to solve the above-mentioned errors. Professional Outlook Recovery is one of the best tools for resolving the errors mentioned above. It is also loaded with numerous best techniques and features.


In this blog, we have highlighted top five common errors of Outlook and further to help you we have also suggested few tips through which you can easily and successfully resolve and retrieve your files.

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