Method for Resolving Set of Folders Cannot be Opened Error in Outlook

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MS Outlook is surrounded with a lot of errors which may arise due to virus intrusion or malware attacks. One such error is Set of Folders Cannot be Opened Error in Outlook which is faced by many users. Many people have made the effort of resolving this error but they failed to do so, therefore in this article, I’ll discuss the various techniques through which you can resolve the error easily.

The main reason for this error is either an interference by an external application in Outlook or some issues related to the user’s account. Whatever may be the reason but I am here to tell you the quick fixes of this error.

Methods for Fixing Set of Folders Cannot be Opened Error

There is no fixed method for resolving this error. I’ll tell you six methods and any of them can fit with your problem.

Open Outlook in Safe Mode

This method can prove fruitful to you for resolving your problem because starting Outlook in Safe mode disables all plug-ins and there are possible chances that one of your plug-ins is interrupting MS Outlook, hence displaying you the error.

  • Press Windows + R Key on the Keyboard to start Run Command.
  • Enter outlook/safe in the Open Box and then click on OK

  • Enter the Profile Name and Click on OK.

*Note- Provide the Passwords if the System asks you.

If the Outlook Starts normally without any error then it is pretty sure that Plug-ins are interrupting Outlook in its performance.

Permanently Disable Plugins

  • Click on File Tab and then go to Options.
  • Select Add-ins and then go to Manage
  • Choose COM Add-ins and then click on OK.
  • You’ll see the list of all Add-ins related to Outlook. De-Select all of them and then hit the OK

If the above method resolves the error Set of Folders can’t be opened then you can skip the other methods otherwise follow them unless the error is fixed.

Change Customized Settings

Many users customized the settings of MS Outlook which might be the possible reason for this error. Making the navigation pane settings to default can resolve the issues in Outlook.

  • Open Run Command by pressing Windows + R key.
  • Type exe/resetnavpane in the Open box.
  • Close MS Outlook and all the Related Applications.
  • Open the Run command again and type exe/resetnavpane.
  • Click on OK and run the command.

Once you reset the customized settings and make the settings to default then I hope you’ll not face Set of folders cannot be opened error in Outlook again.

Start Outlook without Compatibility Mode

  • Go to the Properties of MS Outlook Application.
  • Unmark Run this program in compatibility mode under Compatibility
  • Mark Run this Program as an Administrator and Apply the changes.

This technique might also resolve your error.

Enable the Cache Mode

  • Click on Start and open Control Panel.
  • Open Mail and Click on Email Accounts.
  • Click on the Outlook Profile which is having the problem and then click on Change.
  • Now, mark the Use Cached Exchange Mode in the Offline Settings.

After enabling the cache mode, I hope you’ll not face the error again.

Configure a New Outlook Account

  • Go to the Control Panel and Click on Mails.
  • In the Mail Setup Wizard Click on Show Profiles.
  • Now, Add the Outlook account and provide all the necessary information.
  • After Adding a new Account to Outlook Mark Always use this profile option.

Now, Restart MS Outlook with the new profile and you can see that you’re your Folder Error has been resolved.

Repair Outlook File

The known reason for this error is Outlook file corruption. So you can either repair the Outlook file using Inbox Repair tool or Outlook Email Recovery Tool. The Inbox Repair tool is Outlook utility which can fix this error but it cannot fix the issues with large Outlook Files.

If you are having Small Outlook Files then this utility will work in resolving the error.

Inbox Repair Tool

  • Locate and Open Inbox Repair Tool.
  • Browse the Outlook File which is troubling you and then Click on Start.

  • Once the Scanning Process Completes, Click on Repair.
  • Mark Make a backup of scanned file before repairing option if you want to backup PST files.

This technique will fix your Set of folders error if the corruption issues are minor otherwise Outlook Email Recovery Software would be the best option for you.

Outlook Email Recovery

  • Download and Launch Outlook Email Recovery Software.
  • Add online Outlook Files to it.
  • Scan and Repair the Files.
  • Save the Repaired File into PC.

After fixing all the issues of Outlook files you’ll not face a set of folders cannot be opened error in Outlook.


I have already discussed the various possibilities which can resolve the error. Now it is up to you to choose the method as any method can resolve the error either it is enabling the cache mode or disabling the compatibility mode. I hope you are comfortable with the methods as I have explained each and every step which can resolve the error.

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