Top 2 Best Tips to Forward GoDaddy Email to Gmail

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Whether you switch from GoDaddy emails to Gmail, or you want to forward your emails for backup purposes, in either way, this article will give you the best solution to your query. You will learn how to forward GoDaddy email to Gmail. In addition, we recommend you the best professional utility to forward email from GoDaddy to Gmail. So, read till the end.

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An Overview

GoDaddy Professional Business Email is the mailing service offered by GoDaddy with premium plans so that you can have a custom email address matching your business. It helps you manage your business and collaborate with other team members easily.

Gmail, on the other hand, is the most popular free email service provider by Google. It also offers premium plans for additional space and features. Regular updates and interactive GUI make it easy-to-use webmail among users.

As you can see, both GoDaddy Professional email and Gmail have their pros and cons. But sometimes, you will need to connect GoDaddy email to Gmail. Let us check what the reasons can be.

Is Forwarding GoDaddy Email to Gmail Beneficial?

After comparing the different features of both these email services, it becomes clear whether you should transfer your data or not. Here, we only explain the prominent differences. There can be more than that.

  • The first and foremost difference is that Gmail is a free email client. You can use it without purchasing a premium plan. But, GoDaddy does not offer a free mailing service.
  • Gmail is one of the oldest webmail, so it has more updated features as compared to GoDaddy emails.
  • You can also add your GoDaddy email account with the Gmail account. It helps you to manage both email accounts simultaneously. So, you should connect GoDaddy email to Gmail.
  • Forwarding GoDaddy emails, you can save their emails to your Gmail account. It helps you to restore your data in case of data loss.

The list of benefits for exporting your GoDaddy email account will go longer, but these are the most genuine reasons. Now, we know why we migrate data. It is time to learn how to perform the migration.

How to Forward GoDaddy Email to Gmail Email Account?

The DIY techniques to forward email from GoDaddy to Gmail are simple and effective. You have to use the inbuilt options of Gmail to add your GoDaddy account to Gmail. But before that, make sure that you have the correct login credentials for both email accounts.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to migrate your GoDaddy emails easily.

#1. Add GoDaddy Email to Gmail Account

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • After that, click on the Gear (Settings) icon in the top right corner.

Gear (Settings) icon

  • Now, select the See all settings It will show all settings available.

See all settings

  • Choose the Account and Import tab.

Account and Import tab

  • Select the Add a Mail Account option in the Check Mail from other accounts section.

Add a Mail Account option

  • Now, fill in the required GoDaddy email address and press Next.

 GoDaddy email address and press Next.

  • Opt for the Import Email from my Other Email Account (POP3). Click on the Next button.

  • After that, enter the details as mentioned below
    • Username – Your GoDaddy email address
    • Password – Password you use to login to your email account
    • POP Server –
    • Port No. – 995

add account

  • Now, you will receive all GoDaddy emails to your Gmail account.

Note: You will further be asked to send GoDaddy emails through Gmail. You can opt for it as per your requirement.

#2. Import GoDaddy Email to Gmail

  • Visit Gmail and log in to your email account.
  • Click on the Settings icon and click on the See all Settings
  • After that, move to the Accounts and Import
  • Next, click on the Import Mails and Contacts
  • A new wizard will appear. Enter your GoDaddy email address and click on the Continue
  • After that, enter the following details
    • Password – Password or your GoDaddy mailbox
    • POP Username – Your full email address
    • POP Server –
    • Port – 995
  • Tick the Use SSL option and press Continue to move to the next step.
  • Select all the desired options and click on the Start Import button to initiate the import.
  • It will add your GoDaddy email to Gmail.

Performing the above procedure, you can efficiently migrate your GoDaddy emails to Gmail. However, as you can see, the above steps are not suitable for novice users. Also, it takes much more time and effort. So, they need an advanced solution.

A Professional Approach to Export GoDaddy to Gmail

There is an alternative and better solution to backup GoDaddy email to Gmail. DRS GoDaddy Backup Tool is a fast, effective, and secure application for you. Because of interactive GUI, you do not need further assistance to operate the software.


After reading the blog, it can be concluded that manual methods to transfer GoDaddy email to Gmail are efficient but not feasible for everyone. A novice user may have difficulty in forwarding their emails. So, if you want a quick and effective solution, GoDaddy Backup Tool is the best solution for you.


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