Free Professional Methods for Exchange EDB Recovery

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Exchange server is a widely used server which is used by many large scale industries. It saves all the mailbox data in EDB (Exchange Database) file formt. The Exchange server inaccessibility is a common problem for every Exchange administrator. Sometimes corruption issues might occur due to various reasons such as virus attacks, trouble in the program interface, jet engine error, etc. In this blog, we will discuss the most recommended and reliable methods for Exchange EDB recovery. We will describe the manual inbuilt ESEUTIL method and professional third-party best EDB to PST Converter both.

Before stepping further to the steps for Exchange database recovery, let’s understand some reasons for which corruption issues occur in Exchange files.

Why There is a Need For Exchange EDB Recovery?

Here we will discuss a few common reasons for corruption in EDB files for which there is a need to instantly recover the Exchange data to retain access to the EDB data.

  • Sudden Power Failure.
  • Abruptly shutting down the Exchange server.
  • Virus or Malware attacks.
  • Exchange server errors.
  • Startling Exchange server crash.

These are a few common reasons for corruption in EDB files. Now we will move further to the process to fix the corruption issues and perform exchange server recovery.

Manual Method for Exchange EDB recovery

We have provided the complete manual steps using the inbuilt ESEUTIL. Follow the below steps for EDB recovery.

  1. Go to the Start button and click on Run.
  2.  Enter cmd in the dialog box and hit the OK button.
  3. Then, go to C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin
  4. Type Eseutil.exe in command prompt.
  5. ESEUTIL works on two recovery modes i.e, “/r” and “p”
  6. Eseutil/r command is for a soft recovery only and Eseutil/p is for a severely damaged or inaccessible database.
  7. Once restored the inaccessible database using the Eseutil/p command, now user need to run Eseutil/d to defragment Exchange database.
  8. Now run Esetuil.Exe to check the integrity of the recovered EDB database. It will be shown as Isinteg – s {Exchange Server name} – fix test all tests.
  9. From the Exchange server, select a recovered Exchange server.
  10. Now run Esetuil.Exe until there is no error in the Exchange server.
  11. Enter Eseutil/G in the command dialog box to recheck the accuracy of the recovered EDB data.
  12. Remount the EDB database using the administrator utility.

Above are the manual steps for Exchange EDB recovery. As we have seen, the process is quite complex and needs technical expertise to perform the EDB recovery. A wrong command can lead to severe data loss. To avoid these risks, users need a professional utility that is easy to run and a more reliable solution for recovery.

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Professional Third-Party Free EDB to PST Converter

Users can use the professional reliable method as an alternative for Exchange EDB recovery. The automated solution provides a hassle-free EDB recovery in a single go. There are various professional solutions available but it is always suggested to use the most trusted solution. Using DRS EDB to PST Converter software, users can easily recover the permanently deleted or inaccessible Exchange EDB files. It allows users to export the recovered EDB data to EML, PST, PDF, TXT, HTML, MBOX, Office 365, etc. The software offered by DRS is completely free for an initial one month to all its users. The utility offers some amazing features that simplify the recovery and conversion process.

Salient Features

  • Easily Converts EDB files to PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, HTML, Office 365, etc.
  • Exchange EDB recovery tool swiftly recovers the deleted or corrupt EDB files.
  • Provides auto-detect feature.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Smooth user-friendly GUI.
  • Offers a preview option to view the recovered data prior to saving.
  • There are three modes of recovery i.e, standard, advanced, and deep mode.
  • The software is FREE for all the users for an initial 1 complete month.

Wrapping Up

Above in this blog, we have described the recommended methods for Exchange EDB recovery. We have seen that the manual process of EDB recovery is quite complex and also there are several risks of data loss. So it is highly suggested to use the professional Best EDB to PST Converter to recover the Exchange mailbox database and convert EDB to PST and to various other file formats as required.

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