How to Backup SQL Database and Restore from One Server to Another

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SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used for organizing and storing data in an RDBMS (Relational Database Management System). Its use for the back-end processes where all the data gets stored in a server. So, to protect the data, it’s recommended to backup SQL database and keep updating the servers.

In this technological world, where everything relies on data, the data servers are always at high risks of getting hacked or getting corrupted, hence regular updates of servers are pretty essential to secure them. There can be several reasons to do so. Let us have a look at some of them.

Why to Backup SQL Database and Restore from One Server to Another

You can encounter several situations when you will feel an urge to backup or copy SQL database from one server to another. Some of them are listed below:

  • Updating to the latest version of SQL server for optimum results
  • Creating a backup server or database mirroring
  • To improve the remote operations on the SQL server
  • To prevent the loss of data due to any server failure or SQL database corruption
  • Making the server consistent across different platforms

Now that you have understood the reasons to backup SQL database let us now see how to take backup of databases in SQL server?

Note: To move database from one server to another, please install SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) and SQL Server (any version) on your device.

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Method to Create a Backup of the SQL Database

Follow the given steps to create a backup of the SQL database:

Step 1: Launch SSMS and connect it to any old SQL server. After establishing a secure connection, enlarge the Databases from the tree structure.

Step 2: Right-click on the database to be backed up to open the menu and select Back Up front the Task sub-menu.

Step 3: Select the Backup type as per your choice and then click on the OK button. Also, I recommend you manually choose the destination for the backup.

Step 4: Close the message box with the message “The backup of database ‘Test’ completed successfully.”

Step 5: Open the destination folder where the backup is stored.

Step 6: Open properties of the backup file by right-clicking and selecting Properties in the menu.

Step 7: Press the Advanced button on the Security tab of the Properties window.

Step 8: On the next window, click on the Add button to change the permission configuration.

Step 9: Open the Select User or Group dialog box by using the Select a principal option. Type in Everyone in the “Enter the object name to select” text box and punch OK.

Step 10: Provide full access to the backup to the users and move ahead by pressing OK.

Step 11: Finish the process by clicking Apply > OK.

Step 12: Obtain the database backed up offline by SSMS.

Now that you have learned to backup SQL database, let’s now move ahead to learn how to copy database from one server to another.

Restoring SQL Database from One Server to Another

You can restore the SQL database from & to any SQL Server version by following the given steps:

Step 1: Establish a connection to the old SQL server from where you want to restore the backup in SSMS.

Step 2: Copy the original backup file and paste it in the temporary folder on any Windows server where you want to restore it.

Step 3: Select Database from the sub-menu under the main menu by clicking Tasks > Restore.

Step 4: On the next window, click on the three dots next to the device text area to open the Select Backup Devices window.

Step 5: Highlight the backup file to be restored and press the OK button on the present and the next window too.

Step 6: Now, the backup file can be seen in the Restore Database window, and click OK twice to end the process.

Such a lengthy process can be irritating and confusing. Hence, the above methods are unfavorable to backup SQL databases. Also, you can’t do anything if the backup and restore fails, so I recommend you to use third-party software for the latter.

Backup SQL Database Using Third-Party Software

To overcome the difficulties faced due to the lengthy process and the fear of data loss due to any failure, use SQL Database Recovery Tool, which is the best solution for your SQL needs. It features a brilliant UI, dual recovery modes, smart preview, and several other innovative features to solve your SQL queries with ease.


In the journey of this blog, we came across the need and methods to create a backup SQL database from one server to another. Furthermore, we learned about third-party software to shorten the manual process. In this blog, we have also answered the following query: how to backup a SQL database?

I hope that this will ease your technological burdens by providing reliable solutions for your queries.

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