How to Import MBOX File Into Gmail Account?

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Gmail is a free email service created and provided by Google. Gmail clients can import messages from various email servers into their records by utilizing the “Import Mail and Contacts” utility from settings. But when you need to Open MBOX Record in your Gmail account, at that point these techniques are of no utilization. Therefore, we can presume that there is no immediate method to import MBOX to Gmail, however, there are some indirect techniques that are accessible to users. In this way, let’s move forward and discuss the methods to Import MBOX File Into Gmail.

Manual Methods to Import MBOX File into Gmail 

MBOX is a file format that is accepted by many free email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail. Furthermore, they can without much of a stretch import an MBOX file in it. Here, we will utilize Mozilla Thunderbird as its IMAP account configuration. The whole technique is classified into two sections:-

Method 1: Arrangement Gmail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird

Method 2: Move MBOX Messages in Google Mail

Let’s check out each part in a detailed way.

Method 1:  Configure Gmail Account with the help of IMAP in Thunderbird Mail

First of all, users need to Import an MBOX file in Thunderbird Via. Import Export Extension. When you have all the email messages in T-Bird, execute the below guidelines.

Step 1: Start the Mozilla Thunderbird application on your Windows Stage.

Step 2: When the application gets opened, click on the Tools tab and choose the Account Settings option.

Step 3: Under the Account Settings window, you need to tap on the Account Actions button and choose Add Mail Account option

Step 4: Opportunity to include the Name, Gmail Email Address, and Password in the respective boxes as shown in the screen capture. At that point, click on continue to continue further.

Step 5: Mozilla will check the Gmail details and ask you through which convention Gmail account setup in MBOX. Here, we opt for IMAP and go with the Done option.

Step 6: You will divert to the Google Sign-in window. NOW, confirm your ID and click on Next. 

Step 7: On the following screen, enter your Secret Password related to your Gmail email and click on Next

Step 8: Now, click on Allow to provide permission to Mozilla Thunderbird to read the Gmail messages.

Step 9: Return to Thunderbird ‘Set Up an Existing Email account‘ exchange box.

Step 10: Finally, the Gmail account gets set up in Thunderbird. Here, you can see Gmail Inbox and different folders too in the left sidebar.

Using the above first manual method we can successfully configure Gmail Account with the help of IMAP in Thunderbird Mail. Now let’s understand the second manual method in detail – 

Method 2: Import MBOX Emails to Gmail

When users arrange the Google Mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird, time to move .mbox Emails. For this, follow the below instruction cautiously.

Step 1:  Under the Gmail ID, go to the Inbox folder and right-click on it. At that point, decide on the New Folder option. 

Step 2: Give a name to the folder and click on Create folder to make it.

Step 3: The folder just made under the Gmail Inbox.  

Step 4: Now, you need to drag the messages from the Thunderbird record and drop them in the recently created folder as shown in the screenshot. 

Step 5: By doing this, you will import MBOX files to your Gmail Account.

There is no uncertainty that the manual approach described is not difficult to attempt. It does come with few disadvantages that let the user change the decision to utilize the manual approach. To overcome the limitations, we are recommended using a professional solution to import MBOX file into Gmail.

Professional Solution to Convert MBOX file into Gmail

We would like to suggest a professional solution i.e MBOX to PST Converter which permits you to import MBOX files into Gmail in a very safe and effective manner. It is an incredible tool that allows clients to move from MBOX to other email clients. It is a problem-free technique and also provides extraordinary outcomes. It not only exports all the emails or messages but also the attachments of the MBOX file into other email clients like Gmail, EML, Yahoo, etc.

Prominent Features:

  •  Accessible with the free MBOX File converter demo version for free.
  • Instantly convert MBOX to PST format without bringing on any adjustment
  • Support corrupt MBOX/MBX documents for transformation.
  •  Keeps up information honesty which guarantees no information data loss
  •  Directly import MBOX to Thunderbird, Gmail, Yahoo, Live Exchange, Hotmail, Opera Mail, Office 365, etc.
  • Wide similarity for Windows 10, and all lower forms. 
  • The software allows a smart preview of the mailbox data prior to conversion.

Final Words

We have already discussed all the recommended methods/solutions to import MBOX file into Gmail.  The above manual solution can create some issues. So, it is highly suggested to use the professional quick solution for a protective and accurate conversion. Using a third-party tool is a more reliable and effective method to import  MBOX files to Gmail Account. We Recommend using trusty, efficient, and user-friendly software.

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