Best Tips to Import OST to Office 365 Free – Secure Migration

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Struggling to Import OST to Office 365? Let’s read this blog to know “how to import OST to Office 365” using 2 simple manual methods.

OST file is a supported file for the Outlook application. Many people are unaware of the fact that Outlook is a subsidiary of Microsoft and it comes with the additional application when we buy MS office suite or Office 365 subscriptions. Many people want to import OST to Office 365 files because of the certain benefits that Office 365 provides. In this article, I will guide you about how you can migrate on-premises Exchange to Office 365 or what are the best ways to import OST File to Office 365.

Benefits of Office 365 that force us to Import OST to Office 365

  1. The latest updates are not provided in the Outlook application because of which people want to migrate OST to Office 365.
  2. Office 365 is a cloud-based service that makes it easier for users to work remotely.
  3. When it comes to security, Office 365 has better security aspects than OST.
  4. Many businesses want to import OST files to Office 365 as it is a better enterprise solution.
  5. When it comes to reliability Office 365 always has a better chance over the Outlook OST file.

How to import OST in Office 365?

There are many known methods for importing OST files to Office 365. To cluster the best ones, I would like to explain two basic methodologies by which we can easily add OST file to Office 365.

Manual Methodology

As there is no one way to import OST to Office 365 we have to cover two checkpoints here. Let us see them one by one.

Checkpoint 1: Convert OST to PST file

We can convert OST to PST file by three methods that are provided below:

Make a new PST file and Copy/Paste all OST files into it

  • Run the Outlook Application after searching in the windows search bar.


  • Under the Home, section chooses New Items> More items. Under the More option choose the Outlook Data File option.


  • Make a selection on all the emails, after right-clicking on the selection move them into another folder.


  • Select the folder where you want to move and hit on the OK button to continue.

okayUsing Archive Feature of MS Outlook

  • To use this option Run the Outlook Application and choose the file option from the left corner.


  • Now, select cleanup tools and then choose the Archive option.


  • Under the Archive dialogue box, select Archive this folder and all the subfolders, browse for the location of your choice to save the files, and press OK to continue.

archiveBy using the Export Feature of MS Outlook

  • Start your Outlook application. Go for the Open & Export option under the File section and choose Import/Export.
  • Select Export to a file and press Next to continue to the further step.
  • Now, a new dialogue box opens as Export to a File. Select the Outlook data file option and click Next to continue.
  • Choose the folder to move to PST and hit on the Next.
  • Browse for the desired location to save the PST file. Choose Replace duplicates with items exported and click on Finish to Import OST files to PST file.

Checkpoint 2: Migrate PST to Office 365

We can import PST to Office 365 by using 2 methods. Both of them are good, you can choose any one of them according to your convenience.

Use Azure Az copy, to move PST to Office 365

Certain Points need to be taken care of before you use Azure Az copy.

  • The size of the PST file should be less than 20 GB.
  • Messages less than 35 Mb can only be transferred to Office 365.
  • Keep your PST files in a shared folder, so that they can be easily accessible on the Azure Az copy tool.
  • Update the retention policies under Office 365.

Now follow these steps to safely migrate PST to Office 365

  • Run Azure Az copy and copy your SAS URL to have the permissions by which you can easily import PST to Office 365.
  • Now Move all your PST files to Office 365.
  • Make a .CSV file for the mapping of PST files.
  • Build an import job under Office 365 and import your PST file.
  • First Filter your data and then initiate your PST Import Job.

Import PST to Office 365 by using Drive shipping

In Drive shipping methodology, we have to copy all our PST files into an External/Portable hard disk and send that hard disk to Microsoft. They will copy all your files to the cloud.

Cons of Manual terminology

I have explained to you all the checkpoints and their subparts by which you can import OST files into Office 365.

  • You can see that it is a very lengthy process to follow.
  • There is not a guarantee of successful conversion of OST to Office 365.
  • Only a technical guy can operate.
  • If any of the checkpoint’s steps mentioned above are skipped then all the data will be lost.
  • The probability of file corruption is very high.

 Professional Method to Import OST to Office 365

There are various limitations associated with Manual conversion which Is why Professional Methodology comes into the picture. OST to Office 365 Converter tool is made by DRS Softech by using such algorithms that it overpowers all the limitations associated with the manual method. It can easily import OST files into Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, PST, etc. OST files along with attachments can easily be migrated using this tool. Even your encrypted OST files are taken care of during conversion. DRS Softech provides you a trial version of the software by which you can easily convert the first 50 emails in each folder for free. You should visit the official website and try the tool.


In this article, I have explained to you the ways to Import OST files to Office 365. For this, I have guided you about the three methodologies each under, checkpoint 1&2 of Manual Methodology. But as it is very critical to use that is why a Professional OST to Office 365 converter tool is introduced. In my opinion, I would like you to go for this tool so that you should not worry about the loss of your data and files.

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