How to Migrate Verizon Email to Gmail – Top Tips

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Summary: The following write-up is for users who have had their email account in and want to migrate Verizon email to Gmail. Here, you will learn what are the changes that Verizon made. How to deal with these changes? So, read the article to get the idea on forwarding Verizon email to Gmail.

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In April 2017, Verizon announced that it would no longer provide the mailing service. So, what should users who have a Verizon email account do?


For this, Verizon itself gave two choices

  • First, if you want to keep your email address, you will have to migrate your mailbox to AOL Mail.
  • Second, you must migrate your Verizon mailbox data to other email providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc. However, you would no longer be able to access your email account.

From the above two suggestions, the best option is to migrate your mailbox data to other email providers like Gmail, Outlook, etc. Now, we explain to you why you need to migrate Verizon email to Gmail or other email providers.

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Transfer Verizon Email to Gmail

Why Transfer Emails from Verizon to Gmail?

Gmail provides you various benefits over Verizon mails. It makes the mailing easy and effective. Also, you can manage mailboxes of other email providers. So, let us discuss these prominent characteristics.

  • Easy to use – The first characteristic of Gmail is the simple and intuitive user interface. Any newbie can easily manage their mailbox account without any problem.
  • Regular updates – To provide all the latest features and protect your data from breach, Google keeps updating its Gmail.
  • Fast and Efficient – The first requirement of all users is that the email provider should be fast and efficient. Gmail fulfills that requirement.

These are the major reasons for migrating your Verizon/AOL mailbox to Gmail. So, you have learned why you should export your mailbox data. But, how would you import Verizon email to Gmail?

How to Migrate Verizon Email to Gmail with Attachments?

As announced by Verizon, “If you currently access your email through AOL, access your mail by going to” It means, you can access your Verizon emails via AOL Mail. So, we are providing you the procedure to transfer Verizon email to Gmail. Below procedure is self-tested and it has successfully migrated email from Verizon to Gmail.

Below are the steps to export your emails.

  • Login to your Gmail
  • Click on the Gear icon and then the See all Settings
  • After that, select the Accounts and Import tab.

select account and import tab to migrate verizon email to gmail

  • Choose the Import mail and contacts It will open a pop-up window.

import mail and contacts

  • Now, fill in your AOL/Verizon email address and click on the Continue button.

click on Continue to migrate verizon email to gmail

  • After that, enter the password of your email account and press Continue. Note: Use third party app password instead of regular password

enter password

  • Next, tick the Import Contacts, Import Mails, and Import new mail for next 30 days option.

Import Contacts, Import Mails to transfer emails from verizon to gmail

  • At last, click on the Start Import button. Press OK after completing the import.

After performing the above procedure, you will be able to forward Verizon email to Gmail account. However, the major issue with these steps is that they are complex and users are unable to migrate their data. Therefore, we provide you an advanced solution to export your emails.

Professional Solution for Verizon/AOL Migration

DRS AOL Mail Backup Tool is a fast and effective solution to migrate your AOL or Verizon emails to Gmail mailbox accounts. It is a simple and easy alternative to manual processes. Thus, you need not to perform complicated steps to transfer Verizon emails to Gmail with attachment. Also, the application provides you various advanced features with an interactive user interface.


I hope we provide you all the necessary information regarding how to migrate Verizon email to Gmail. You can export your Verizon emails by performing the standard steps. However, the most appropriate technique is to use a professional application like DRS AOL Backup Software to easily migrate your data.


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