How to Open EML File on Mac – Know How?

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It is very easy to open an EML file on Windows machine. But, if you want to open EML files on Mac OS, it is not an easy task. When you save emails from Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird to your PC, it is saved with an EML file extension. Despite being widely supportable, some Mac OS applications cannot open an EML file. Thus, it becomes common for Mac users to experience problems opening the EML files.

In this blog, we will discuss different ways to open a .eml file on Mac. Make sure to read this blog carefully.

The EML is a file extension that saves individual messages of Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. This file contains necessary email contents like date, time, subject, sender, etc. The EML file consists of an email along with its attachment file.

Why Would You Open EML Files on Mac?

Before discussing the techniques, it is fair to learn why you need to open your EML files on a Mac machine. There might be a situation where you do not have a Windows PC or do not want to access EML on a Windows machine. Let us discuss some most common scenarios.

  •       You use a Macbook PC and receive an email that contains an EML file. You have to open the received EML file in your system having Mac OS.
  •       You might be transferring your data from Windows PC to a Mac. Now, you have all the files of your previous computer and have to access them on the new PC.
  •       You saved an email message from the Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail application on your Windows PC. Now, you want to migrate this backup file to Mac for configuring your mailbox account. Here, you need to open EML on the Mac.

Above are the reasons that might compel a user to move EML files on Mac PC. Let us explore the viable techniques to open EML files on your Macbook.

How to Open an EML File on Mac?

There are numerous email applications for Windows to access EML file content. However, this is not the case with Mac OS. For opening the desired EML file in Mac OS, you need to perform some DIY steps. Below, we describe the manual methods that allow you to access EML on Mac.

#1. Open your EML Files on Apple Mail

  •       Open the original email by double-clicking the .eml file in Apple Mail. It also gives you access to the attachments.
  •       Click on the In Preview option and hit the spacebar after selecting the file.

#2. Access EML files by Changing File Extension

Another prominent way to open .eml file on Mac is by changing the file extension. Follow the steps below to change the eml file extension on Mac.

  •       Select the desired EML file that you want to rename.

select desired EML file to open EML file on mac

  •       Now, press the Command+I simultaneously. You will see the properties wizard.

press the Command+I button

  •       After that, unselect the Hide extension option(If it is enabled).

unselect the Hide extension option

  •       In the Name & Extension field, change the extension from .eml to .mht.

Name & Extension field

  •       At last, click on the Use .mht file button. It will save the desired EML file in MHTML file format.

 #3. Use the Mail Application to Open the EML File

An application called Mail is common among Mac users. The EML files can be accessed with the Mail Application on Mac OS. Follow the steps below to open EML files.

  •     First, open the EML files in the Mail.
  •     After that, download the EML files on the Mac.
  •     Select the .eml file that you want to open and right-click on it.
  •     Hit on Open with then click on mail.
  •     Select the Move option then from the drop-down menu to transfer the file into a specific folder.

Adopting the above methods, you can open the EML file on Mac PC. However, these techniques are not favorable for all users. They have numerous drawbacks which make them inappropriate for beginners or non-technical users.

What Makes Manual Approach Obsolete?

  •       Manual or DIY techniques are complicated and require technical knowledge to perform the steps.
  •       Performing the complete procedure is time-consuming.
  •       There are chances of file corruption and data loss when you make any mistake in the steps.

Because of all the above limitations of manual approaches, we advise you to adopt a more effective and reliable solution to open .eml file on Mac.

Professional Solution for Opening EML Files on Mac

The DRS EML Converter Tool is the best solution to open EML files on your Mac PC. it can also open EML attachments without formatting. Therefore, It is a better alternative to the complex manual methods. The application can also convert the email message to different file formats like PST, PDF, DOC, etc. The tool is equipped with a simple and interactive GUI. A non-technical or first-time user can easily use the application.


In this blog, we have discussed what exactly EML is. We also explained various manual methods to open the .eml files in Mac. The manual methods are time-consuming and have various other limitations. Therefore, you should opt for an advanced solution that makes the process easy and effective.

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