How to Save an Email as a PDF in MS Outlook – Two Easy Methods

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As you know MS Outlook is vulnerable. Therefore, regular users must aware of all the potential risks related to outlook. And it is also known that PDF file is the most suitable to handle critical data due to its document constancy. Hence to keep Outlook Data safe it is more secure to save outlook email as PDF. So, this blog is curated to make you learn how to save an email as a PDF in MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2000, etc.

Questions asked related to save Outlook Email as PDF File:

  • How to save an email as Adobe PDF?
  • How to save Outlook email as PDF with attachments?
  • How do you save an email as a PDF document?
  • How to save email as a PDF outlook in 2016?
  • How to save email as a PDF file format?

There are multiple types of queries regarding exporting Email to PDF in Outlook Windows. You can opt for a manual or automated method for this file conversion. Let us learn both methods to convert Outlook PST file to PDF document.

Need to Save Outlook Email as PDF

Sometimes the user wants to convert the files into another format so that its easier to work with it. For this reason, the user wants to convert email to PDF. PDF files can be stored with Word, Excel, and other kinds of regular documents. A PDF can be shared with and opened by different software. You can also add restrictions an email data to keep it safe from unauthorized users by converting it to PDF as it can be protected with permissions and passwords.

How to save an email as a PDF Manually?

Using Microsoft Print to PDF to save email as PDF outlook in 2016

Follow the below-mentioned steps on your Windows 10 PC

  • In MS Outlook select the email you want to convert in PDF.
  • Click File tab and choose Print
  • Now, click Drop-down menu under Printer and select Microsoft Print to PDF option.


  • Click Print and after that in Save Print Output as dialog box, browse to the location where you want to save the PDF file.

save print output

  • Change the name of the file (if wants to) in the file name space and click Save button.
For Windows earlier than 2010

You cannot directly save an email as a PDF. Firstly, you require to convert Email to HTML after that to PDF. Follow the procedure to do so:

  • Open MS Outlook and choose the message you want to convert.
  • Click File Tab -> Select Save as.
  • Choose the folder under Save as dialog box where you want to save the file.
  • If required then change the name of the file under the File name
  • Hit Save as dropdown and elect HTML and then click Save.
  • Now open the saved HTML file with MS Word application on your computer.
  • After that click the file tab and hit Save as.
  • Next, select the folder where you want to save the file.
  • Under save as dialog box, click Save as type dropdown and choose Save as PDF
  • Click Save and your file will be saved in PDF format.

Cons of Manual Methods

The manual trick is suitable when you want to convert a few Outlook messages to PDF. But if you have a number of PST files that you need to convert into PDF then using a manual trick is not a good idea. As all other attachments may not get converted to PDF along with the email message. Even you need to set print settings continuously to achieve the process. Therefore most of the users opt for the quick and reliable way to convert Outlook Emails to PDF in batch.

Save Outlook email as PDF using Automated Tool

You can prevent the above-mentioned drawbacks of manual approach by opting quick PST to PDF Converter tool for hassle-free conversion of Outlook Email files to Adobe PDF file. This tool is famously decorated with high-class algorithms to convert PST file to PDF of any size with ease. You can convert all PST emails and other attachments like Notes, Contacts, Calendars, Journals, Tasks, Meetings, etc to PDF within no time. It supports bulk conversion of emails to PDF format. So forget the lengthy manual methods and save your valuable time by using this automated solution to save an email as a PDF File.

Concluding Line

We have curated two different solutions to Save Outlook Email as PDF, User can grab any approach depending upon his/her requirements. So if you face any issue in working of the manual method then opt of PST to PDF Converter tool hassle-free.

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