Easy Techniques to Move Thunderbird Emails to Outlook

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As we all know that MS Outlook is one of the preferred application used for email communication. But there are still some corporate organizations that are stuck on Mozilla Thunderbird. Due to the incompatibility of email, they are unable to view them on Outlook. The main problem from them is to move Thunderbird emails to Outlook but they are unable to do it. Therefore, in this article, I am going to share some of the techniques that will be going to help you in viewing the thunderbird emails in Outlook.

Methods of Moving Thunderbird Emails to Outlook with Attachments

Mainly there are two methods for viewing the emails of Thunderbird application in Outlook. The first method is a manual technique that will help you to move all emails from Thunderbird to MS Outlook.

Note*- It is a common fact that Mozilla Thunderbird supports MBOX files and MS Outlook Supports PST files. So first we would convert the MBOX file to PST and then import that PST file in MS Outlook.

Manual Method of MBOX to PST Conversion

First of all, you should save all the Thunderbird Email as an EML file.

  • Launch the Thunderbird Application on your PC.
  • Choose the Email that you want to move.
  • Press Ctrl + A for selecting all the emails at once.
  • Click on the Save As option and save the Emails in EML file format.

Now, you have to move the EML files into Outlook Express. So you have to install the Outlook Express Application into your PC or laptop.

  • Open Outlook Express.
  • Then Create a New Folder in Outlook Express and Rename it.
  • Open the folder where you have saved the EML files earlier.
  • Drag and Drop all the EML files in the newly created folder.
  • Now you can view all the EML file’s email in Outlook Express.

Once you have imported all the files in Outlook Express, you can now import the Outlook Express Emails in MS Outlook.

  • Launch MS Outlook Application on your System.
  • Click on the Import/Export option in the File
  • Select the Import Internet Mail and Addresses option and then click on next.
  • Choose the Outlook Express option and then click on the Import Mail
  • Now click on the Next button and finally on the Finish button to complete the whole process.

After the completion of the whole process, all the EML files will be moved to MS Outlook. So you can see how to move all the Thunderbird Emails with attachments to MS Outlook.


MBOX File Converter

If you are looking for an automated solution, then you can use MBOX File Converter software. This software is safe and it doesn’t harm the smooth working of the system. In just a few clicks you can convert Thunderbird Emails to MS Outlook. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a technical expert for using the tool.

Steps for Transferring MBOX Emails to Outlook

  • Launch the MBOX Converter Software and Click on the Add Files
  • Choose the MBOX file that you want to convert.
  • Select the option Save as PST and move further.
  • There will be two options for saving the PST file. Either you can save MBOX in separate PST files or all MBOX files in a single PST file.
  • Define the Saving Location and click on OK to start the saving process.
  • After completion of the saving process, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

Now you can easily import all the PST files into your Outlook account view all the emails on Outlook. This is how you can move Thunderbird Emails to Outlook.

Why Automated Tool is Better?

As you can see that the manual process involves a lot of steps, so it would be confusing for a non-technical user to follow them. So for a novice user, this tool has been designed that doesn’t need any technical expertise. On the other hand, it is safe and not a single data will be lost when the emails are moved from Thunderbird to Outlook.


Now you know both the methods for viewing the Thunderbird Emails in MS Outlook. It is up to you which method of conversion is suitable for you. If you lack the technical knowledge, then I would recommend you to use the automated tool. The ball is in your court and you have to decide the appropriate technique. I hope you have got your solution from this article.

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