Neutralize Error 0xe000fe36 that is Evoked during Veritas Backup Process

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Summary: The main blog concise is for the troubleshooting of the error 0xe000fe36 that is evoked or stimulated during the Veritas Backup Process.

If you are reading this blog, it means you are clear or familiar with the Veritas backup solution. For your better understanding, we will give a small introduction about the Veritas backup solution.

Veritas Backup Process Failure Introduction

We try to keep our data safe by keeping a backup that is BKF files of our important data. But data are prone to corruption and there is no guarantee that our stored data will always remain corruption free.

To safeguard our important data there is a requirement and need of the utility which can perform the backup process. Veritas is one of the utilities which are a backup exec that provides simple, complete backup also recovery protection.  Most often many window users have encountered the backup process failed with the error code “0xe000fe36”. This error halts the BKF backup process and also corrupts all data files of the backup process. You must be having many questions in your mind that what could be the reasons behind this Neutralize Error 0xe000fe36 that is Evoked during Veritas Backup Process?

What are the reasons/causes for error 0xe000fe36? Let’s find out

  • When the file is scanned by antivirus during the backup process, and then there is another backup process which is operating contrary to the Veritas backup process.
  • During the BKF backup process, If the backup log files are not present at the desired location.
  • When the file size is larger than that of API as this results in hurdle during the backup process.
  • If many files are opened at once, then the cache manager is unable to handle it, which results in paged pool memory.
  • Veritas is not able to take the whole backup and marks the corrupt file in tap whenever backup log files are not available.

Some Manual Solution for Veritas Backup Error “0xe000fe36”

Windows Event Viewer can help to verify entries that are responsible for the error “0xe000fe36 corrupt data encountered backup exec” strike during the backup process.  This helps you to know the file problem, software issue, third party or selection list issues whichever is present.

Enables the Backup Exec Advanced Open File Option (AOFO) which can sort and resolve the error regarding open files. It can also help to complete the backup of files which are opened through the various application processes.

Step 1.  Start/Launch Veritas backup utility.

Step 2. Next, navigate to Search Tools -> Options -> Advanced Open File Option.

Step 3. Now, Select AOFO option -> Select “Automatically Select Open file technology”.

Step 4.  Again, if the same setting is already selected, then set the option to ‘System – Use Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider’ below the ‘Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (Windows 2003 and later).

If the above-mentioned method fails then try the method given below:

  • First, create a new list of selection for the backup process.
  • Next, Open Window Task Manager to enhance the priority backup.
  • Now, defragment the hard drive which contains the data.
  • Next, open the CHKDSK process of partition which contains those data.
  • Now, Install MS NT Backup utility for running the backup mechanism.
  • Make sure that you configure the Pool Usage Maximum and Paged Pool Size to fix the requests made by other users.

Some of the Drawbacks of using the manual methods

  • Not an easy method for the user who doesn’t have prior technical knowledge
  • The process is time-consuming
  • Doesn’t guarantee entire data recovery

Automated Method

Use of Professional Software tool becomes essential if you want the easy, fast and best result. This can be achieved through automated tool i.e. Backup Exec BKF Repair tool. It is one of the best tools which can neutralize the error 0xe000fe36 which evoked during the Veritas backup process.

Overall Conclusion

The above-mentioned methods both manual and automated are the options which can be used to sort out the error 0xe000fe36. It is up to you which one you choose for fast and best result.




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