Top 05 Outlook Duplicate Email Finder Software in 2023

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This blog is introducing top 5 Outlook Duplicate Email Finder Tool. All the software are self-tested that helps you to remove the duplicate data items from Outlook just in a matter of minutes. We are going to describe the features of each Outlook Duplicate Emails Finder software in this blog.

If you are facing slow email client response due to duplicate emails that can eventually increase the disk space of the MS Outlook PST file and looking for a solution to fix this issue, read this blog as we are going to list top 5 best Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Tool.

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How Duplicate Emails Get Accumulated in MS Outlook Application?

There are numerous reasons that leads to have several duplicate emails in your Outlook mailbox. A Few of them are listed here:

  •  Virus attack is the most common reason for getting duplicate emails in the mailbox.
  • Another reason for getting duplicate emails, when the Rules are configured wrongly.
  • Configuring “leave a copy on the server” option can lead to have same copies of emails.
  • Corruption in sent or received email items can lead to multiple duplicate emails.

Above are some reasons that can hamper your emailing process. However, to fix this issue, there are several professional utilities that can help you to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

Top 5 Outlook Duplicate Email Finder/Remover Software

  • DRS Outlook Duplicate Remover
  • SysInfo Outlook Duplicate Email Remover
  • Aryson Duplicate Remover for Outlook
  • Cigati Outlook Duplicate Email Finder
  • MS Outlook Duplicates Finder

Characteristics of Best Duplicate Email Finder & Remover Software

Below section describes the features of top 5 Duplicate Emails Finder Utilities. You can compare and select the one suite your requirement.

DRS Outlook Duplicate Remover

DRS Outlook Duplicate Remover is a most widely-used professional tool that can help you clean up your mailbox effortlessly. It works well with both the Windows and Mac versions. Using the software, you can remove duplicate mails, calendar entries, tasks, and contacts. It has a simple and self-explanatory user interface.

Major Features of the tool:

  • Options to select multiple files simultaneously to save time and efforts.
  • Offers to select and remove mail items of a specific time period.
  • Removes duplicate items like mails, tasks, calendars, and contacts.
  • Option to search duplicate items across PST file.
  • Equipped with Task Filter and Mail Filter option.
  • Works well with both the Windows and Mac OS versions.
  • Demo version of the software removes 50 duplicate items for free.

SysInfo Outlook Duplicate Email Remover

SysInfo Duplicate Finder is another online utility that has an option to delete duplicate mailbox items like emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, journals, etc. It is compatible with Windows versions. It has an option to preview the selected PST file data in the preview pane of the software.

Perks of Using this software:

  • Task filter & Date filter option is available.
  • Remove duplicate mails from multiple PST files.
  • Allows to remove email attachments.
  • Compatible with Windows OS.

Aryson Duplicate Remover for Outlook

Aryson Outlook Duplicate Remover is the best utility that helps you in deleting Outlook mail items effortlessly. It offers you to search duplicate item within the folder. You can remove duplicate items from any size of the Outlook PST file. It has no file size limitations. It works with Windows versions.


  • Offers to remove duplicate items from single or multiple files simultaneously.
  • No file size limitations.
  • Allows to remove email attachments easily.
  • Preview option is available to view email items.
  • It offers to remove duplicate items of a specific time frame.
  • Works with Windows versions.

Cigati Outlook Duplicate Email Finder

Cigati Outlook Duplicate Email Finder is also a remarkable software that can allows you to remove duplicate mailbox items including contacts, tasks, emails, calendars, etc. It supports all the MS Outlook versions including Outlook 2019. It has simple user interface.


  • Allows to remove duplicate items such as emails, tasks, calendars, contacts, etc.
  • No Outlook installation required to remove duplicate outlook items.
  • Preview the selected Outlook PST files in the preview pane of the software.
  • Option to search duplicate emails within the folder.
  • Demo version allows to remove 50 email items.

MS Outlook Duplicates Finder

MS Outlook Duplicates Finder is an online tool that can easily find and remove duplicate items and free up the unnecessary space. The software allows you to add single as well as multiple PST files to remove duplicate email items. It offers you to remove the duplicate items from any specific mailbox folder.

Features of the Tool:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Allows to add single as well as multiple PST file to remove duplicate items.
  • Options to search duplicate items in the same folder or across the PST file.
  • Offers to preview of Outlook emails.
  • Compatible with all the Windows versions.

The Concluding Line

If you are the one who wants to remove duplicate items from Outlook, you can simply download any of the above mentioned tools. Opting for DRS Outlook Duplicate Email Finder Tool to perform error-free task would be a wise choice. It is one of the trusted and reliable software.

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