How to Fix Outlook 2016 Running Slow Problem to Speed Up its Performance?

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Most of the Outlook 2016 users faced an issue with its running speed that becomes very slow. Therefore, with the help of this technical guide, you will get to know about various solutions to fix the “Outlook 2016 running slow” issue. If you are the one who wants to resolve it, then follow us till the end.

Why Outlook 2016 Slow on Windows 10?

Microsoft Outlook is one of the popular email clients that store a large amount of data. This data is used regularly that slows down the processing speed of Outlook. Outlook takes much time to start again when sending new emails. Users have to wait for it, which becomes a frustrating task. That’s why users want to fix Outlook running slow Windows 10 issues immediately.
Now, after knowing the reason behind this move ahead to understand the ways for resolving it and speed up its performance.

What are the Top Manual ways to Speed up Outlook Performance?

There are many manual ways to speed up Microsoft Outlook 2016 performance as given below:

Method 1: Disabling Add-Ins

There are many chances when you don’t know about any third party add-ins installed in your MS Outlook. Mostly some are the useless ones, so it is important to disable the unused ass-ins from Microsoft Outlook. Disabling add-ins will speed up its performance and resolve the problem. To do this, follow the below steps:

  • Go to File >> Options >> Add-ins >> Go option..
  • A pop-up dialogue box will appear next, then remove all except Microsoft add-ins.

Method 2: Disabling all RSS Feeds

RSS Feed is an important parameter that affects Outlook speed. If it is not necessary for you, then disable it to speed up the Outlook. Follow the below steps to disable it:

  • Go to File >> Options >> Advanced option.
  • Find the RSS Feeds icon >> untick the checkboxes under the RSS Feeds area.

Method 3: Updating Microsoft Outlook and Windows 10

If you are an Outlook user and Windows 10 user, then it is mandatory to up to date Windows 10 that slows down the Outlook performance. Always keep up to date and for doing this follow the steps below:

In Outlook, Go to File >> Office Account >> Update Options >> Update Now option.
Generally, most of the users don’t update the system to the latest Service Packs (SP) available. But they don’t know about the Outdated Outlook application that matters a lot when it comes to performance. So, it is crucial to install the latest Service Pack (SP) updates available.
Follow the steps below:
Go to File tab >>Office Account>>Expand Office Updates >> hit on Update Now.

Method 5: Archiving Previous Outlook Emails

If the PST file stores a large amount of data, it affects is also one of the significant factors that affect performance. So, it becomes an essential task to archive old data timely to fix the “Outlook 2016 running slow” issue. For this, you can use the Auto Archive option and Cleanup software.

Method 6: PST File of a Large Size

By compressing the size of the large-sized PST file will help in improving the Outlook performance. This will quickly speed up Outlook performance and make some of the space. To do the same,

  • Navigate Account Settings >>double-click the PST file..
  • A dialog box will appear next, hit on Compact Now option to decrease the PST file size

Or you can split the PST file to remove the large PST file issue. You can use any PST Splitter utility available that can split PST in smaller parts.

Method 7: Repairing Microsoft Outlook Installation

Microsoft Office repair program will check the known issues with the software and troubleshoot them to fix Outlook running slow Windows 10 issues. Follow the below steps:

  • Click on Windows Key + X together.
  • Choose the Programs and Features option.
  • Go down in the list and look for the installed programs.
  • Then right-click on Microsoft Office and choose Repair.
  • A prompt box will open next. Then confirm the action.

Method 8: Always Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Safe Mode is an essential feature that turns off the incompatible program components and limits the operational functionality. Follow the below steps for this:

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook 2016 in Safe Mode using the Run command.
  • Hit on Windows Key + R.
  • Then type outlook.exe /safe.
  • Hit on OK button.

Apart from this, many Outlook issues arise due to PST file corruption. Use PST Repair utility to repair the PST files. It is a third-party tool used to repair corrupted or damaged PST files quickly and without any data loss.


This blog discussed all issues related to “Outlook 2016 running slow.” The first section mentioned the reasons behind this issue, and then all the old-fashioned ways to improve Outlook performance. Finally, a direct method for repairing PST files has been explained. We hope you will get all the solutions to your query.

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