Easy Ways to Restore Deleted Mailbox in Office 365

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Sometimes, users delete the emails from the inbox and also from the trash folder to save the memory space. But whenever they need those deleted emails then they started searching for solutions to recover deleted mailbox Office 365. So, don’t worry we are here to help you out from this situation. This blog will give you the required solutions for your concern.

Follow these mentioned manual steps one by one to restore an inactive mailbox in office 365.

Manual Steps to Retrieve Deleted mailbox Office 365

Follow the below step by step procedural guide to get back the deleted mailbox data from the Office 365 environment.

  • Initially, log in to your Exchange Online account and go to the admin app.
  • Press the Admin centers>>Exchange (Exchange Admin Center) on the left-hand side column.
  • Go to the Permissions tab followed by Admin Roles. Choose the option Discovery Management from the display list and select the Edit icon.
  • A new window will appear on the screen then go to the members section and choose the plus sign “+” to add a member. Browse your name, choose the Add option and press OK and save the changes.
  • Log out of the account and then again log in it.
  • Then switch to the Compliance Management after you are assigned the required permissions. Next, choose the option In-Place eDiscovery & Hold. Hit on the “+” icon.
  • In the coming section, you are required to give the name of the search and the description is optional. Press Next.
  • On your own, you can choose any mailbox to search. Then choose the option to specify mailboxes to search followed by clicking the “+” icon>>Next.
  • Next, choose particular criteria for the search query. Choose the Filter option based on criteria and depending upon your needs adjust the search option. This point should be noted that if you need to define more than one keywords in the field of a search query, separating them with OR or AND can be achieved (Without using commas).
  • Select the option at the bottom of the page to select message types on the same screen and then choose Email from the new window. Press OK or you can select other categories too if you want.
  • Once you have changed all the search query to meet your needs, click Next.
  • You don’t have to select an option from the In-Place eDiscovery and Hold page because you don’t have to put any item on Hold. Click the Next button directly.
  • After completing the process, select the Close option.
  • Select the search you created and select the Refresh option. This will update all the information displayed on the pane. When the status turns to Estimate has been successful, it means the search is over.
  • Select Preview search results to view the items in the details that are displayed on the screen. The choice will help you identify the things you are looking for.
  • If you don’t find the item you want, you can find it in a different way. Copy and paste the necessary search result into a special mailbox called a discovery mailbox. In MS Outlook, this will open the mailbox on the web. This is going to help you see the items:
    1. Select the option Browse on the copy search page.
    2. Select Discovery Search Mailbox under the display name heading. Hit OK and choose Copy.
    3. Select the Open option after copying operation. This will open the Discovery Search Mailbox.
    4. This will allow you to show all the results of the search.
    5. The search results replicated to the Discovery Search Mailbox will be put in the folder with the same name as in the In-Place search eDiscovery.
  • Once the item you want to recover has been found, the next step is to export the results using the Export to PST option. In the next step to recover deleted mailbox Office 365 admin, this PST file will be needed.
  • Now click on the Run option to install the eDiscovery tool.
  • To define the location select the Browse option and leave the option to allow deduplication and include unsearchable items.
  • After specifying PST’s destination location, click Start. Then you need to enter the credentials of the Exchange online account. After that, the download will begin.
  • The last move is to send the PST file to the user in order to restore it. Select the Open Outlook data file option on the desktop app and import the PST file.

Browse the file you want and click the OK button. The PST file appears in MS Outlook’s left navigation bar. Select the items from the PST folders. Right-click on them, select Move and then Inbox from the choices.

This is the manual way to find deleted mailbox office 365 and restore an inactive mailbox in Office 365. Even this process is good to get back the Office 365 emails but it can result in data loss as well. So, it is better to go with an instant solution i.e Office 365 Backup utility. This utility can be used to Backup the Office 365 mailbox to PST. later, you can restore PST to Office 365 quickly without any data loss using this tool.


We have discussed all the approaches to recover deleted mailbox Office 365. We have explained a manual solution as well as a direct approach to restore your mailbox from the backup. You can go for any of the methods to easily retrieve the deleted mailbox back.

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