5 Methods to Fix Cannot Read from the Source File or Disk Error

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Are you unable to copy or move a PST file from one location to another? Does your system is showing cannot read from the source file or disk error? Don’t worry you can confront the challenge easily. This error might occur due to minute negligence and it is not very difficult to be resolved.

I’ll suggest 5 different tricks, among which anyone can be applied. Even if you are copying from one system to another, I can guarantee that you’ll not confront any type of error after using the manual techniques.

Different Solutions for Outlook Error

There are five different solutions among which four methods are the manual ones and the fifth is a professional software. But I’ll only suggest you the fifth trick if the PST file severely corrupted otherwise the manual ones enough to tackle the issues.

Close MS Outlook and then Copy the PST File

You’ll never be able to copy PST file from one location to another if the MS Outlook application is running on your system. So it is better to copy the PST file after closing the application. Ultimately, first of all, close the Outlook application and then copy the file. I am sure that you’ll not encounter the error again. Now move the PST file wherever you want to move.

Disable Antivirus

There are many antivirus software which keeps MS Outlook busy and in a running mode. Thus, it doesn’t allow easy access to MS Outlook preventing the user from copy the file and confronting cannot read from the source file or disk error. Therefore you must disable the antivirus software installed on your computer system. Once you deactivate the software then it will not restrict you from copying the PST file. You can copy the PST file wherever you want to copy.

Restart the System Using Boot Mode

Sometimes there are indexing problems with the computer system. MS Outlook is indexed properly. Therefore it restricts the PST file from opening. In order to fix this issue try the following steps:-

• Press Alt + F4 and Select Restart option.
• Boot the System in Safe Mode.
• Copy the PST file from the Source to the Desired Location.

Now I suppose you are able to move PST file and not facing any kind of Outlook Error.

If you are still facing such errors then your PST file might be corrupted. Try to fix the PST corruption then copy it to another location. You can fix the corruption issues either by using inbox repair tool or a professional PST Repair Software.

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Repair PST File Using Scanpst.exe

Locate Inbox Repair Tool and Open it.

Browse the PST file and Click on Start.

• You can see the Scanning progress in the Progress Bar.

• A number of files and the errors will be shown. Click on Repair to repair the PST files.

• Once the process completes you’ll get a confirmation message. Click on OK button and Close the Application.

After the completion of the whole process open the PST file. If you are able to access it then I am sure that you can copy it too. Finally, you have fixed cannot read from the source file or disk Error.

But if the corruption is severe then even this tool cannot fix it. The only way out is to try a third party PST File Repair Tool. You can preview the data with the help of the trial version. But for saving the PST file you will have spent some bucks.

Downlaod PST Repair Tool

PST Recovery Software

The PST Recovery Software can fix any type of corruption and resolves frequent error issues. You will get rid of all errors with the help of this software. It is fast and the intuitive GUI of this tool enables a novice user to do PST File Recovery. There is no need of technical guidance to run this tool. If your PST file is encrypted then too this tool recovers it.


Now it is the time to wrap up the things. If your corruption is minor then use the Inbox Repair Tool otherwise go for the professional software. There is some quick fix as well which you might think are not important, but they are important. So fix cannot read from the source file or disk error by any of the techniques mentioned above. I hope you liked this article.

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