Top 5 SQL BAK File Recovery Tool Recommended by DBA’s

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In this article, we prepared a list of the top 5 SQL BAK File Recovery Tool that is recommended by database administrators. We will also learn about their features so that you can easily identify the most suitable software to satisfy your needs.

Overview: Microsoft SQL database files can get corrupted because of many reasons. It might be some malicious activity, deletion of some important file, or any other source. After the corruption of your database files, you become unable to access your mailbox. Now, you want to recover your file content.

The manual or DIY approach to recover corrupted SQL BAK files is quite complicated and time-consuming. So, we would never recommend any non-technical user restore their data via manual methods. The best solution to repair corrupted SQL BAK files and restore your database is via professional software.

Now, a question arises. Which is the best SQL Backup file recovery software?

We prepare a detailed article disclosing the top 5 BAK file recovery software recommended by DBAs. This write-up also explains their prominent features so that you can choose the best software as per your requirement.

Top 5 SQL BAK File Recovery Tool Recommended by DBA

All the software suggested in this article is trusted by users and IT professionals. We mention them after researching different platforms and based on the response of their users. Here, you will get a basic overview of the software along with its most prominent features. So, you can recognize the best software as per your requirements.

#1. DRS SQL Backup Recovery Tool

DRS SQL Backup Recovery Software is the most secure and reliable utility among all the SQL backup recovery tools. It is built with a robust algorithm that maintains the file content intact. Along with that, the application has a very simple and interactive GUI so that anyone without technical expertise can use it. Moreover, you can download and use the software on any version of Windows OS.

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Prominent Features of DRS Best SQL BAK Recovery Tool

  • Extract MDF and LDF files from the damaged SQL backup file.
  • Two different modes of backup file scanning: Standard and Advanced.
  • Restore data from a single and split SQL backup file.
  • Provide an advanced option to repair compressed SQL BAK files.
  • Support all types of BAK files and is widely compatible with all Windows versions.

#2. SysInfo SQL BAK File Recovery

Another name in the list of top 5 SQL BAK file recovery software is SysInfo Tools. It offers advanced features to simplify file repair and recover specific items. This application provides two distinct scanning modes (Standard and Advanced). Above all, the software is developed considering the requirements and technical in expertise of a beginner. Therefore, it has an extremely simple and interactive GUI.

Prominent Specifications of the Tool

  • The application can repair an SQL database file irrespective of file size.
  • Dual scanning modes to scan heavily corrupted file content.
  • Extract MDF and LDF files from damaged SQL BAK files.
  • Safe and reliable utility to recover SQL data from damaged backup files.
  • Widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

#3. Aryson BAK File Recovery for SQL

Aryson BAK File Recovery for SQL Tool allows you to restore damaged SQL backup files effectively. This application repairs corrupted .bak files and extracts MDF and LDF files. Furthermore, the application delivers some of the most innovative and beneficial features. S, you can regain the maximum possible data from the damaged BAK file. Along with that, it is widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Significant Features:

  • Fast, effective, and easy-to-use application to recover maximum file content.
  • Maintain data integrity after extracting MDF and LDF files from SQL backup files.
  • Repair single as well as split SQL backup files with the same effectiveness.
  • Advanced functionality to restore compressed SQL backup files.
  • Compatible with all major versions of Windows OS.

#4. Cigati SQL Backup Tool

Cigati SQL Backup Tool is an accurate solution to repair damaged SQL backup files and restore database objects like tables, procedures, views, triggers, functions, etc., to their original state. This application provides a dual scanning mode to scan complete data from the corrupted BAK file. Moreover, Cigati SQL Backup Tool efficiently repairs any version of SQL backup file and it is supported by all Windows OS.

Remarkable Features of Cigati SQL Backup Tool

  • The application displays the recovered file content in a hierarchy.
  • Extract MDF and LDF files from corrupted SQL backup files.
  • Two different file scanning modes to recover data from any level of file corruption.
  • Allow repairing single and split SQL backup files for maximum recovery.
  • Widely compatible with all versions of Windows.

#5. Nucle SQL Backup Recovery Software

Another name in the list of top 5 SQL BAK file recovery software is the Kernel SQL Backup Recovery Tool. It enables you to export the recovered items to a live SQL server and backup locally as the script file. Also, it displays the file content after repairing the corrupted SQL BAK file. Furthermore, if you do not know the version of the damaged BAK file, this software provides an innovative functionality to auto-detect the SQL backup file version.

Significant Features of Nucle SQL Software

  • Repair damaged SQL backup files and extract .mdf and .ldf files.
  • Export the restored .bak file to the live SQL server or save it locally as the script.
  • Standard and Advanced scanning modes to deal with severely corrupted files.
  • Provide multiple options that allow recovery of selected SQL backup items
  • Simple and interactive GUI for better user experience.


In the above article, we have mentioned the top 5 SQL BAK File Recovery Tool that are recommended by DBAs. These applications offer various features. You can analyze these utilities and identify the most appropriate SQL backup recovery tool for you.

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