SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed – Issue Fixed

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The SQLite error code appears when the integrity of the SQLite file gets damaged. Many factors could cause harm to the database file integrity. Let us discuss why the error message appears.

Why Does the SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed Error Occur?

Every SQLite error message has some reason. The database disk image is malformed in SQLite issue also occurs because of many reasons. To choose an appropriate solution you first need to understand the root cause of the problem.

  • When you try to open a file that is not supported by SQLite, you may end up receiving an error message.
  • The SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed issue that occurs when the SQLite file gets corrupted.
  • Hard disk crash or system failure also results in the SQLite error code.
  • If the database storage exceeds its limit, the error message appears.
  • Disabled database protection also leads to the database disk image is malformed in SQLite.

These are some of the most prominent reasons for the error message. Now, you have learned why the issue arises. It is time to learn some easy ways to resolve Outlook errors.

Methods to Fix – SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed

Resolving the ‘SQLite database disk image is malformed’ issue is easy when you know the appropriate solution. You can perform some simple steps in the SQLite Database browser and fix the problem. This approach is a manual approach that requires some technical knowledge to execute the procedure.

To resolve the SQLite error, you have to perform the following two-step procedure.

#1. Export SQLite Database

  • Open your SQLite Database browser.
  • Now, switch to the Execute SQL tab and type the following command.
PRAGMA integrity_check;
  • If the program is executed successfully, you will see the following text at the bottom.
Execution finished without errors. Result: 1 rows returned in 9ms At line 1: PRAGMA integrity_check;
  • However, if there is an issue, you will see the ‘SQLite Database Disk Image is malformed’ message at the bottom.
  • Now, you have to backup your database. Click on the File button at the top.
  • After that, select the Export option and then click on the Database to SQLite option.
  • In the Export SQL wizard, choose the desired table and select other options as per your requirement.
  • Click on the Save button and define the destination. Press Save to save the file.
  • At last, you see an Export Completed message. Click OK to close it.

#2. Import the SQLite Database Backup

  • Open Database Browser for SQLite. Click on the File button.
  • After that, choose the Database from SQLite option.
  • Locate the file you downloaded earlier. Select it and hit the Open button.

After performing the above two steps, you can successfully export the database to SQLite and then import it back to the database. It will fix the SQLite disk damage is malformed issue.

If the SQLite database file corruption is severe, this approach will not work effectively. Therefore, we recommend a more advanced solution to this problem.

Best Practice to Repair SQLite Database File

DRS SQLite Database Recovery is the best solution to repair the damaged SQLite file and repair SQLite database disk image is malformed error. It supports all the latest SQLite file versions. Moreover, it provides you with numerous functionalities to restore only the required items from the complete database file. You can install and use the application on your Windows PC without any problem because it supports all Windows OS versions.

Sum Up

The SQLite database disk image is malformed error that arises when the SQLite database file gets corrupted. There are many possible reasons for file corruption. You can easily resolve the problem by simply exporting your database to an SQLite file and then importing it to the database. This procedure may be complicated for some users. So, we suggest you opt for the advanced SQLite database recovery tool that helps you to restore your data in a few simple steps without compromising data integrity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How do I fix a corrupted SQLite database using the DRS SQLite Database Recovery Software?

Ans: Follow the below steps to repair a corrupted SQLite database file.

  1. Download and install the DRS SQLite Recovery Software. Run it as administrator.
  2. Browse the desired file you want to repair and choose other options. Click OK.
  3. After completing the file scanning, choose the desired items.
  4. Now, click on the Save button and choose the desired option from the Save wizard.
  5. At last, click on the OK button to save the repaired SQLite database file.
Q2. How do I fix a malformed database disk image?

Ans: You can fix a malformed database disk image using the conventional manual method in which you export the database to an SQLite file and then import it again to the database. This approach repairs the database file corruption which will resolve the SQLite database issue.

Q3. How do you check and correct database corruption?

Ans: You can check the integrity of the database by executing the PRAGMA integrity_check; command. If you receive an error code, it means the data file has been corrupted. Now, you can fix the corruption by exporting the database to SQLite and then importing it again to the database.

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