How To Split Large OLM File into Smaller Parts?

Easily divide or break over-sized OLM into multiple parts

The software is capable of splitting huge sized Mac OLM files into multiple parts without damaging the original file content. It spits the large OLM files into smaller parts so that you can manage them easily. This utility helps you separate OLM by date, size, folder, and email id without affecting the root file.

  • Now split large OLM file hassle-free.
  • Split OLM by date, Split by size, Spilt by folder, Split by Email id.
  • You can add single or multiple, files folder at once for splitting.
  • Allows setting password for PDF and DOC output files.
  • You can add password to the resultant file.
  • Free OLM Splitter allows users to split 50 files free of cost.
  • The utility smoothly runs on Windows 11 and all lower versions.
DRS OLM Splitter
Software Working

Split OLM by Size


Step-1: Download and Run the DRS OLM Splitter Tool on your machine.

Step-2: Click on any of the highlighted options to perform certain steps:

  • Buy Now: Click to buy the software.
  • License Activation: Click to activate the software with the license key.
  • Help Manual: Get detailed information about the OLM Splitter Tool.
  • Info: Click on the Info icon to get the software version info.

Step-3: Click on Add File(s) or Add Folder(s) button to select OLM file.

Step-4: Now click open to add the OLM files from your system.


Step-5: After that check the selected OLM file in the preview pane of the software. Provide the log file path and click NEXT to move further.

Step-6: Select the OLM file items and tick checkbox split OLM by size. Click NEXT to continue.


Step-7: Enter the file size in which you want to split the OLM file.

  • Ignore duplicate mails: You can also choose this option to neglect same type of emails during the process.
  • Apply Password: This feature allows to add password security to the output file.

Step-8: Now select the file saving location and click split to start the process.


Step-9: In some time the process will get completed. Click OK and close the application.

Split OLM By Date

Step-1: Check on Split by date option to split OLM file. Click NEXT to continue.


Step-2: Enter From date and End date as parameters, click Add to choose the selected date.

  • Create Single File: Select this option if you want to create a single OLM file.
  • Create Seperate File: Select this option if you want to create separate file after splitting process.

Step-3: Check to ignore duplicate emails and apply password protection on output files.


Step-4: Choose the destination path and click split to start the process.

Step-5: Soon the selected OLM file will ve divided as per the date. Click OK and exit the software.


Split OLM File By Sender


Step-1: Select the option to split OLM by sender and click NEXT to continue in the process.

Step-2: Click Add Email Address button and all sender mail address will be successfully added. Click OK.


Step-3: Choose to ignore duplicate emails and apply password of your choice.

Step-4: Choose the file saving location and click Split to begin the process.


Step-5: Very soon the software will split OLM file. Click OK and close the application.

Split OLM by Folders

Step-1: Pick the option to split OLM by folders from the choices & click NEXT.


Step-2: Select the destination path for saving the output file. Choose the option to ignore duplicate emails and apply password.

Step-3: Now select the save as option from the options: Single file and Separate file for selected folder. Click split to start the OLM split process.


Step-4: Here your file will be divided in a few minutes. Click OK and close the application.


DRS OLM Splitter is available in two versions i.e. demo version and full version. Users can download the demo version to evaluate the software to understand it completely and test the utility’s basic features. To get the full version of the tool user needs an activation key to activate the software without any hassle.

Activation Key will be delivered on the registered user email id by the DRS team at the time of purchase. After receiving the key follow the below-mentioned steps to activate the software.

Step 1: Launch DRS OLM Splitter on your windows machine.

activation step-1

activation key
activation step-2
activation 2
Installation & Uninstallation

activation key

What's New in This Version ?
DRS OLM Splitter Tool

DRS OLM Splitter Software

  • Simple and better GUI.
  • Option to ignore duplicate emails.
  • Creates password-protected output OLM files.
  • Support Windows 10 Operating System
Minimum System Requirement

Processor: 1 GHz Processor(2.4 GHz recommended)

Disk Space: 60 MB free hard disk space

Operating System: Windows OS 10. 8, 7, XP, Vista, and all below versions.

Memory: 512 MB RAM(1 GB Recommended)

Software Interface

The below-mentioned figure represents the Software Interface for DRS OLM File Splitter software.

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