Top 4 Best AOL Backup Tool For Windows/Mac – Free Download

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This blog will answer about the query “Who is the Best AOL Backup Tool service providers”.

AOL or America Online is an American web portal and online service provider. It offers an email service called AOL Mail. It was one of the most prominent email providers once but now it has become obsolete. You rarely find someone using AOL Mail. Users who have AOL Mail accounts now backup their mailbox data and migrate it to other email clients.

There are numerous software for AOL Mail Backup. Every company claims that their product is the best. So, here we bring the list of Top 4 Best AOL Mail Backup Tools for Windows/Mac. This list is unbiased as it is prepared after researching the reviews, performance, and features of different tools. So, let us explore the best software for AOL Mail Backup.

Top 4 Best AOL Backup Tool for Windows/Mac

#1. DRS AOL Backup Tool

DRS AOL Email Backup Tool is a fast and effective software for saving AOL mailbox data to different file formats and email clients. The tool is positively reviewed because of its advanced features and interactive user interface. It does not damage the file and maintains the data integrity, so it is a safe and reliable tool. Moreover, you can also evaluate the features and performance of the tool by trial version. Hence, DRS AOL Backup Tool is the best recommendation to save your AOL mailbox data.


  • Efficiently backup the mailbox data without damaging the file data.
  • Save the AOL mailbox in various file formats like PST, OST, MBOX, HTML, CSV, MSG, EML, etc.
  • Option to migrate your emails to various email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Thunderbird, Opera Mail, etc.
  • It gives you the option to create a backup free from duplicate emails.
  • You can delete the emails from the server after creating a backup.
  • Feature to set a backup schedule for migration.
  • Save selected mailbox items using the Mail Filter option.
  • Allows you to save the conversion report after completing the process.


  • It requires an App password to login instead of a regular password.
  • In the demo version, you can only migrate 50 emails per folder. You need to buy the complete software for unlimited migration.

Hassle-Free Solution

Download Free DRS AOL Backup Tool to transfer or backup AOL emails to Computer, external hard drive, hard drive, Outlook PST, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, MSG, EML, MBOX, iCloud, Yandex Mail, etc.

Here you can find the feedback shared by one of our prestigious clients about DRS AOL Mail Backup Tool.

DRS AOL Backup Review

#2. Sysinfo AOL Backup

A complete solution for migrating your AOL mailbox data to your system with ease. The software is designed considering the requirements of every user. So, the user interface of the tool is kept simple and interactive. Moreover, this software has an easy working procedure to facilitate the migration for users. Apart from that, this exceptional utility is well-known for its compatibility with every Windows OS. Therefore, whether you are using Windows 7 or Windows 10, this software will run smoothly in your system.


  • Advanced features along with an interactive user interface.
  • Allows you to migrate the mailbox items in multiple file formats and email providers.
  • Display all the folders available in your AOL Mail account.
  • Option to leave all the duplicate emails while creating the backup.
  • It allows you to leave previously migrated data.
  • Schedule the backup for a particular date, time and frequency.
  • Customize the saving path and name of the resultant file.
  • Save the conversion report after finishing the process.


  • To create a backup of complete mailbox data, you have to purchase the paid version of the tool.
  • It is bit slow in taking bulk backup.

#3. Aryson AOL Backup

A remarkable tool to backup the AOL mailbox data is the Aryson AOL Backup tool. It is a safe and reliable way of saving your valuable emails. The tool backups your mailbox data efficiently without corrupting the file content. Along with that, this incomparable tool is equipped with all the advanced features to create a specific and customized backup. Wide compatibility is another characteristic of Aryson AOL Backup Tool.


  • Fast and efficient saving of your mailbox data in minimum time.
  • Multiple file format and email client migration is possible using this tool.
  • Display the available mailbox folders and emails before creating backup.
  • Provide an option to remove duplicate email items while saving the AOL emails.
  • Mail filter and Task filter to save only selected emails from the complete mailbox.
  • Feature to delete emails from the mailbox after creating the backup.
  • Full featured demo version to evaluate the software.
  • Wide compatibility with all versions of Windows OS.


  • In case of email migration, you need to enter the third-party app password to login to the destination email provider.
  • The trial version cannot convert more than 50 emails per folder. You have to purchase the full version of the software.

#4. Cigati AOL Backup

Cigati AOL Backup tool is highly recommended for every user who is looking for a full featured tool. It is a simple and effective software to save AOL emails and other valuable data. The utility downloads AOL emails into the system’s local drive or any specified location. So, you can easily restore your valuable data in case of unintentional data loss. This software can create the backup in multiple file formats like PST, MBOX, PNG, TXT, PDF, DOC, CSV, AOL, HTML, etc. Also, it can migrate the email data to other email clients.


  • Efficiently create AOL backup to system or other specified location.
  • Saves the mailbox files in PST, MBOX, PNG, TXT, PDF, DOC, CSV, etc.
  • Show the selected AOL Mail mailbox files.
  • Feature to avoid duplicate emails while creating the mailbox backup.
  • Migrate the AOL mailbox to various email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Office 365, Opera Mail, etc.
  • Option to migrate only specific file content by using the Mail filter and Task filter.
  • Feature to clean up the server space after saving the mailbox data.
  • Supportable with all versions of Windows OS.

Concluding Lines:

Taking a backup of your crucial AOL email data is always a wise choice as it prevents you from data theft. Furthermore, you can even access your AOL emails in offline mode. To ease the work, we have a list of the few best AOL Backup Tools are listed above with the pros and cons of individual tools. You can download and compare the tools and choose that fulfill your requirements.

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