How to Backup/Transfer AOL Emails to Hard Drive – Top 3 Manual Tips

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Are you also resembling the solution of How to Transfer AOL Emails to Hard Drive? In this article, we will provide you a solution on how to backup AOL emails to hard drive and restore AOL mail from backup. By using a professional solution users can easily export AOL email folders to hard drive, external hard drive, Gmail, etc. Here, team DRS will help users in this scenario.

First of all Why there is a need to save AOL mail to a hard drive? AOL Mail is a cloud-based email application. As you know data protection is one of the most important factors concerning its users. The data saved in the user’s cloud-based email service is perpetually apt to data breaches and data loss. Therefore, taking backup of AOL emails to an external drive is having greater importance.

What is AOL Mail?

AOL mail is a popular email client started for Americans. The mail is expanded to America Online Mail. This mail client got promoted throughout the globe and is now being used in many countries and regions. AOL mail started online and afterward started the AOL mail version for desktop. AOL Desktop Gold is the latest version in service for desktop AOL mail users. There are distinctive approaches for downloading AOL mail data from Webmail and desktop mail applications.

AOL webmail does not offer a direct method to export AOL mail on the local system. While On the other side AOL Desktop offers a PFC file on the local hard drive. This file can be copied to another location and can be used further whenever required. Let’s get to the methods that export AOL mail to PST file in local hard drive.

So, taking backup of AOL emails to an external drive is having greater importance.

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Techniques of How to Transfer AOL Emails to Hard Drive

If users want to export AOL email to a hard drive or any other location PC. Then use the mentioned dual methods to store AOL emails to an external hard disk as given below.

  • Manual method
  • Automated method

Let’s discuss both methods in brief.

How To Transfer AOL Email Folders – Manual Techniques

There are three techniques, to download AOL mail to the computer to HDD. For the first two methods, you can perform from the website of AOL webmail

Method 1: Transfer AOL Mail Via Print Messages Feature

  • Login to your AOL account with the correct credential.
  • Then To migrate AOL mail Open that message and click on More.
  • Drop down the menu and click on Print Message.
  • After that Another tab will open in the same Windows, now click on Change.
  • Choose Save as PDF and hit on the Save button to save the AOL email to the computer.
  • Choose the desired location to download AOL mail to the computer and hit on Save.
  • Now, navigate to the destination location to access AOL mail.

Note: To move AOL email folders to the hard drive user has to perform separately for each email. This process export AOL emails into PDF file format.

Method 2: Copy AOL Email to Hard Drive Using View Message Source

  • Log in to your AOL account with the Username and Password.
  • To download AOL mail to a computer or hard disk Open that message and click on More.
  • Drop down the menu and click on View Message Source new windows will open.
  • Now Press Ctrl + S and pick the desired location to save the mail.
  • After that, Go to the location and change the file extension from txt to EML and open the file.

Note: This approach does not save the file by the subject name of the email. This will create confusion while accessing the emails. Also, it converts the email messages into EML file format and does not support batch conversion.

Method 3: How to Backup AOL Emails to Hard Drive or External HD

Before following this approach download AOL desktop software and install it in your system.

  • Firstly Log in to AOL and Snap on the message you want to copy AOL email to the hard drive.
  • After that Go to the Save Menu and select On My PC.
  • Select folder in the Personal Filing Cabinet to where you want to store a copy of the email click on OK.

How To Transfer / Backup AOL Emails Via Automated Solution

To save AOL email to a hard drive or computer one can opt for another automated solution such as the DRS AOL Backup tool. The above curated manual techniques are time-consuming and you can export only one email message at once into PDF or EML file format. These manual techniques are not applicable for the migration of the AOL mail folder.

Therefore, If you want to know how to export AOL mailboxes then, you must proceed with the AOL mail backup tool. The tool is proficient to export and backup AOL email folders to the hard drive. In a few clicks, you can adequately complete the migration process.

Wrapping It All Together!!

In the article above, we have shared some important steps taken to export AOL mail to the hard drive. There are multiple email configurations described with steps so that users can select the easiest way to download AOL emails on the computer system without data loss. If you have a low number of emails you can go for the manual method, but for a large number of emails or AOL email folders, you should proceed with the automated solutions.

The above-suggested application is one of the best software for AOL email backup, it supports multiple file formats & email clients i.e., AOL mail to PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Furthermore, it is a safe, secure, and effective solution.

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