2 Best MDB Viewer tool to Open & Read Access Database Files

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Have you received an MDB file from the client? Don’t you have the respective application to open it? MDB and ACCDB are two Access database file formats which can only be opened in Microsoft Access. And if you don’t have Microsoft Access, you should get the MDB Viewer tool. In this article, we’ll discuss the two best MDB Viewer tools to read Access database files without actually requiring Microsoft Access.

Generally, a computer file can only be opened in its respective application. Microsoft Access is a popular database management system (DBMS) used to store and organize a large amount of data in a database file. It saves the database file in two formats: MDB and ACCDB. MDB is the old format used by Microsoft Access 2003 and earlier versions. On the other hand, Microsoft 2007 and later versions create ACCDB file.

How to Open Access Database?

Sometimes it may happen that you receive an Access database file but Microsoft Access ain’t installed on your system. How will you open it? It may seem impossible to open a file without having the respective application. Nobody wants to install Microsoft Access on the system to open just one or two files. Do you? Instead, a smart user always looks for a better solution like MDB Viewer tool. This software can open Access database files without actually requiring Microsoft Access. There are many vendors in the online marketplace which provide MDB Viewer tool. And most of them are free. This means you can simply download the software for free, run its installation, and make use of it.

The best part of a professional MDB Viewer tool is that it can open Access database even if it’s corrupted. An Access database is prone to corruption due to various reasons. Let’s suppose one of your Access database files is corrupted. And whenever you try to open it in Microsoft Access, you receive an error message. In such a situation, you have to repair Access database either manually or by using a 3rd party tool. But if you don’t want to repair Access database and just want to open it, you can simply use the MDB Viewer tool.

If you’re looking for the best MDB Viewer tool, I would recommend you two names: SysInfoTools and Data Recovery Solutions. Both are freeware.

SysInfoTools MDB Viewer Tool

The MDB Viewer software provided by SysInfo Tools is one of the best file viewer tools for Microsoft Access database. Via this software, you can read Access database files without Microsoft Access. Below are the key features of this tool:

  • Open normal as well as corrupted Access database files
  • No size limitation, i.e. you can open any large Access database with no hassle
  • Easy-to-use application, i.e. no prior technical expertise is required to use this software
  • Support MDB and ACCDB files created by all versions of Microsoft Access including the latest 2016
  • Compatible with almost all Windows operating systems including the latest Win 10.

Data Recovery Solutions MDB Viewer Tool

Another best MDB Viewer tool is provided by Data Recovery Solutions. It’s a lightweight and freeware application that can open Access database files even if they’re corrupted.  If you don’t have Microsoft Access on your system, you must download this freeware. Via this software, you can open MDB file as well as open ACCDB file of any size.



When you don’t have Microsoft Access and you want to read Access database, you should get the MDB Viewer tool. It’s a freeware utility to open Access database files even if they’re corrupted. There are two MDB Viewer tools mentioned in this article. Both are freeware solutions. You can download any of them.

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