6 Common Backup Exec Error Codes and How to Resolve Them

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Backup exec error codes are the biggest problem for users while using Veritas Backup exec tools. Here, we will explain the 6 most common backup exec errors and how to fix them. So, read the complete article carefully.


Veritas Backup Exec is a prominent utility to create Windows backup files. It saves the backup data as BKF files. However, sometimes when you use the Backup exec, it shows some error message. These errors create problems for users, but there are solutions for each. Below, we will discuss some commonly occurring error codes with their reasons and solutions.


What are the Most Common Backup Exec Error Codes and How to Resolve Them?

Although there are numerous exec error codes, some are the most frequent and problematic. Below are the 6 most common errors encountered by many users.

#1. Error 1068: The Dependency Service or Group Failed to Start

This error code means there is an obstacle in connecting to a network. When Windows is unable to connect to the Internet, a pop-up message appears on the screen showing ‘Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start.’

What are the reasons for the error code?

  • It appears on launching Windows Firewall because it blocks the unauthorized connection.
  • A virus attack or malware intrusion has damaged some files. It leads to an error message.

How to fix the error message?

The Backup Exec error code shows that some or all of the dependency services are not functioning properly. It makes the system unable to connect to a network. Follow the below steps.

  • Open the Windows search bar and type system configuration. Select the System Configuration option.
  • After that, switch to the Service tab to see the list of all enabled services.
  • Make sure the following services are enabled.
    • Application Layer Gateway Service
    • Network Connections
    • Network Location Awareness (NLA)
    • Plug and Play
    • Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
    • Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
    • Remote Access Connection Manager
    • Telephony
  • Click on the OK button to save the settings.
  • Restart your system and check whether the problem has been resolved.

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#2. Error 1603: Backup Exec Agent Install Failed

Unlike the previous Backup Exec error code, this error code occurs because of failed installation of Backup Exec or remote agent. This problem is not related to the backup process. When you try to install the Backup exec, you will encounter the following error codes.

  • Installation failed with error 1603
  • The return code from the MSI is: 1603

What are the reasons for the error code?

  • The first error code appears when Windows is unable to read the slf files containing the key to activate the license of the product. So, the system can not finish the installation of the Backup exec and display the error message.
  • The second error appears because the user does not have the right to create a subcomponent in the server registry.

How to resolve the Backup Exec error codes?

  • The first thing you should do is move all the .slf files related to Veritas Backup Exec into a temp location.
  • To resolve the other error message, you need to enable Windows Installed Debugging using the Registry Editor.

#3. Error Code: 0xe00084ec (A Backup Storage Read/Write Error has Occurred)

If the Backup Exec has stopped working and shows error code 0xe00084ec. It means there is an issue with the storage drive for the backup file. If the backup exec can not access the storage drive, it shows the error code: 0xE00084EC. For cloud storage, this issue occurs because of an interruption in the network connection.

What are the reasons for the error code?

As we discussed above, this error message arises when the Backup exec fails to establish a connection with the cloud server. If you have a disk drive, inaccessibility to the storage drive leads to the error message.

How to resolve the problem?

Veritas backup itself has an inbuilt feature to identify the fault. So, you can get rid of it. Open the CloudConnect Optimizer job. It allows you to write the connection value for the particular cloud server type.

#4. Error Code: E000E020 (The Scheduled Duration for this Job has Passed)

If you have scheduled the backup, but the job was not performed, you will see the following error message.

Error: E000E020 – The duration that this job is allowed to remain scheduled has passed. It will be rescheduled. Verify that storage is available and check the job’s schedule settings. Ensure that there is enough time for it to begin running before it is considered missed.

What are the reasons for the error code?

  • If your device does not have storage media or sufficient space to back up the data, the job will be missed. There is no place to save the backup.
  • This problem also occurs when you set a backup schedule conflicting with other tasks or assigning inappropriate time.
  • Another prominent reason for the Backup Exec error is when you set an incorrect time not matching the actual time.

How to resolve the Backup Exec issue?

  • Check whether there should be sufficient storage space to save the backup file. Also, if you add an external drive, it must be available to store the backup.
  • Another solution to this problem is to increase the time duration for each job in Veritas Backup Exec.

Follow the below steps to change the time duration.

  • Open the Veritas Backup Exec and select the Job Monitor tab.
  • Now, right-click on the faulty job and choose the Edit option.
  • Click on the Schedule option and uncheck the Cancel the Job if it is still running for x hours after its scheduled start time
  • After that, increase the time limit. Repeat this procedure for all faulty jobs.

#5. Error Code: 0xe0009578 (Unable to Copy the Virtual Machine Disk)

This Backup Exec error code arises when you want to back up a virtual machine disk using the Veritas Backup Exec. The incremental backup option allows to backup only new data and not the items available in the previous backup.

The backup exec fails to back up with an infinite increment series and displays the error code 0xe0009578 with the following statement.

Final error: 0xe0009578 – Unable to copy the virtual machine disk using the VMware VixDiskLib.

What are the reasons for the error code?

The main reason for this error is that the backup exec can not merge two different VMDK files of different sizes. The size of the VMDK file with incremental backup is greater than the previous full backup. So, you encounter error code 0xe0009578.

How to resolve the Backup Exec error message?

The only solution available to this Backup Exec error code is to conduct a full backup of your virtual hard disk. This way, you can save both updated and previous data in a single VMDK file.

#6. E000FED1: A failure occurred querying the Writer status

Volume Shadow Copy Service allows users to create copies of Windows files even when they are in use. This error generally arises when you try to create a backup, but the VSS is unable to make a shadow copy.

What causes the error message to appear?

There are many possible reasons for this error message. However, the most obvious reason is that a VSS writer tries to create a backup of an application operating on the server and fails to create a copy.

How to fix the problem?

Open the command prompt and type vssadmin list writer. It will show all the VSS writers. Check which one of them is causing the trouble. After that, clear the faulty writer and reboot the system. It will resolve the error message.

Error Due to BKF File Corruption

We have mentioned different Backup exec error codes along with their reasons and troubleshooting techniques. However, if Backup Exec has stopped working, there are chances that the error message is appearing because of a corrupted BKF file. In this case, you need a professional tool to repair the corrupted backup file.

DRS Backup Exec BKF Repair tool is an ideal solution to repair damaged backup exec BKF files. It is built with all the advanced features like dual recovery modes, multiple file repair, preview file content, etc. Also, the tool has a simple and interactive user interface so that you do not require any prior technical expertise.


I hope after reading this blog, you have learned different backup exec error codes and their resolution techniques. Despite all the reasons, the prominent cause of the error messages is a corrupted BKF file. So, we suggest you use the professional Backup Exec BKF file repair tool to repair the corrupted BKF file.

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