How to Repair Corrupt BKF File In 7 Simple Steps

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BKF files are the Windows backup files that are usually associated with the MS Windows. In different other Windows versions, there are some in-built tools like SYMANTEC Backup Exec and NTBackup Tool. These tools help to create backup of the database instantly and store all backup files in BKF file format. These backup utilities help users to restore all the mailbox data which got corrupted or accidentally deleted by the user.

As every utility has it’s pros and cons, these inbuilt utilities also have some issues in using them. If you are searching for a perfect solution to repair corrupt BKF files then here we will discuss the most recommended and reliable methods for Exchange BKF recovery.

Reasons Behind the BKF File Corruption

We have mentioned some common reasons of corruption or damage in Windows backup files for which users need to repair BKF files.

  • Accidental System Shutdown
  • Hard disk crash
  • Virus or Malware attacks
  • Improper Backup Process
  • Hardware or Software Malfunction
  • Infected Backup Tools
  • Large size BKF Files

These are a few reasons for BKF file repair and corruption in the Windows backup files. Now let’s move further and understand the manual solution to repair corrupt BKF files.

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Manual Solution to Repair Corrupt BKF Files

Users can use the inbuilt NTBackup tool for BKF file recovery. It is suggested to create a backup of the original data before you start the manual process as there can be a risk of human error or severe data loss. Follow the steps provided below –

  1. Open the folder that contains NTBackup.exe
  2. A Removable Storage Service pop up box will appear in the next window. Click on the OK button.
  3. Click on Next in the next window.
  4. In the Backup and restore window, choose restore files and settings.
  5. Browse and select BKF files to restore.
  6. Select the corrupted BKF files you want to repair.
  7. Click on the Advanced option.
  8. Select the alternate location under the restore Files to drop-down.
  9. Click on browse to define the location.
  10. Now select the restore options.
  11. Click on the finish button once the process of restoration is completed.


  • Suitable to repair minor corruption issues only.
  • There is a risk of data loss
  • More time-consuming and tedious process.
  • Works only when the dll and ntmsapi.dll are present in the system.

With these manual steps to repair BKF files there are several limitations as we have seen above. So to avoid such limitations, users can use an alternate professional solution to restore BKF files which got damaged or corrupted.

Professional Method to Repair Corrupt BKF Files

To avoid all the limitations that we have seen in the manual process of Exchange BKF recovery, users can use a professional third-party automated solution for a quick and hassle free recovery process. You can try the DRS BKF recovery tool which can easily recover the entire data from the corrupt windows backup files. The software comes with a smooth user-friendly GUI and offers several amazing features that attracts the users. You can follow the below steps for BKF file recovery using the utility.

  1. Launch BKF repair tool in your system.
  2. Click on the Open tab to choose the files that you want to recover.
  3. Now you need to select the range from Set complete range and set partial range.
  4. Click on the OK button once the process of scanning is completed.
  5. Select the files you want to save by clicking on the save button.
  6. Browse the location to save the file.
  7. Click on the OK button once the process of saving is completed.

Key Features of the Utility

  • Easily recovers all the corrupt or inaccessible windows backup files and open BKF file smoothly..
  • No file size limitations.
  • Provides range scan features.
  • Offers a quick and safe recovery process.
  • No technical knowledge required.
  • Supports all the versions of Windows.
  • Provides dual recovery modes i.e, a Standard mode and an Advanced mode.
  • Compatible with all the versions of Windows.
  • Maintains a complete log report of the recovery process.
  • The free demo version is also available to evaluate the performance of the software for free.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed the recommended and reliable methods to repair corrupt BKF files without any hassle. The manual process of Exchange BKF recovery has several limitations and risks of severe data loss. So, it is highly suggested to use the professional BKF repair tool which helps users with a quick and effortless recovery process.

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