How to Convert vCard to PDF Format in Batch – DIY Methods

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VCF or vCard are the contact files that are used to store contacts and their details. VCF files are supported by numerous email providers. However, they have no other use than saving contact details. On the other hand, PDF files are document files that are capable of storing large data (like images, links, text, etc.) securely. Also, they are widely compatible with most devices and email providers.

Most often users have a query, “How do I convert a VCF File to PDF”? Well, the solution is easy. Anyone can convert their VCF contacts to PDF file format in a few simple steps. You need to open the VCF file in Wordpad or Notepad. Then use the print command (Ctrl+P) to print the file and choose the Print to PDF option. At last, define the name and location of the file and press Print. This will convert your vCard VCF file to PDF file format.

Before explaining this method in detail, we will first explore the reasons to convert VCF file to PDF online and offline.

Why Do You Need to Convert vCard to PDF File Format?

VCF is the most suitable file extension for saving contact information. Also, it is a widely supported file type. Even so, there are many scenarios when you would convert your VCF file to PDF file format.

  • If you want to Print the contact details, a PDF file is a more convenient option as compared to the vCard file type.
  • PDF files come with enhanced security features. Whereas, the VCF file format does not prevent contact details from unauthorized users.
  • Although vCard files are widely compatible, PDF files are supported by almost every device.

These are a few reasons that insist users convert VCF to PDF.

Convert VCF to PDF Format – Manually

You can convert a VCF file to PDF file format in a few simple steps without using any third-party tool or online VCF to PDF converter tool. This method is free of cost and quite easy and even a beginner can perform it easily. Follow the below steps.

  • Locate the VCF file you want to convert. Right-click on it.
  • Now, choose the Open with option and select Wordpad.
  • The selected contact details will appear in the Wordpad file.
  • After that, press the Ctrl+P to print the contact details.
  • Choose Microsoft Print to PDF option and click on the Print button.
  • Define a suitable name and location for the resultant file. Press the Print button.

Using this manual method, you can easily convert your vCard or VCF file to PDF file format. It is an effective method, but when you have hundreds of vCard for conversion into PDF file format. This simple task will become daunting. We suggest a professional solution to convert VCF to PDF file format.

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Automated Solution to Convert VCF vCard File to PDF File Format

DRS VCF to CSV Converter Tool is a smart method to convert vCard files to PDF file format in bulk. This utility enables you to convert VCF files in bulk. You can perform conversion of any number of vCard files into PDF file format. It enables you to set a password on the output PDF file. Moreover, you can convert VCF files into different types of CSV files like Outlook CSV, Gmail CSV, iCloud CSV, and Yahoo CSV.

Features of the Tool

  • Convert multiple vCard files at once without compromising data integrity.
  • Display all the contacts available in the VCF file and preview selected contacts.
  • Conversion of vCard files into PDF, CSV, Outlook CSV, Gmail CSV, iCloud CSV, Yahoo CSV, and PST file format.
  • Add password protection to the resultant PDF file.
  • Widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

Follow the below steps to convert the vCard VCF file to Acrobat PDF file format using the DRS VCF to CSV Converter Tool.

  • Launch the DRS VCF to CSV Converter Tool and click the Add File button.
  • Choose the desired files from your system and click on the Open button.
  • Now, all the selected VCF files will be added to the list. Press Next.
  • Select PDF in the destination file format field.
  • Add passwordand choose other options according to your requirements.
  • At last, click on the Convert button to start the file conversion.

Final Words

You can convert vCard to PDF file format through a manual approach easily. However, this method is not appropriate when you want to convert VCF files in bulk. Therefore, we recommend the professional VCF to CSV file converter that can convert any number of VCF Contact files into PDF and CSV file formats. This utility is an easy-to-use and reliable solution.

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