Resolve Outlook PST Import Error Manually and Professionally

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Many users stores their PST file on their PCs as a backup because whenever they want to upload it on their Outlook account, they can do it easily. But I have received a few queries that some users are unable to import PST File Outlook and they are facing Outlook PST import error. It is not a difficult task because you can resolve this error manually.

When the user is unable to add PST files in Outlook then he encounters error 0x80004001 which is quite difficult to fix. If you want to successfully add a PST file to Outlook then you must fix this error as soon as possible.

6 Preventive Methods to Fix PST Import Error

Whenever you face any such error then you must take the following precautions and steps and resolve the problem. Let’s See what they tell us:-

Add PST File in Outlook 2016

  • Launch MS Outlook 2016 on your computer system.
  • On the Top left corner Click on the File Tab and then on Info.
  • Now Click on Account Settings and beneath it Click on Account Setting
  • Go to Data Files and click on Add
  • Add the PST file which you want to add and Click on OK
  • Close the Account Settings

Sometimes the PST file is kept in a secured form and it is hard to open a file of an older version in a newer version. Therefore you can try adding files in Outlook 2016 which is the second top version of MS Outlook.

Customize Antivirus Settings

Although antivirus protects the system from virus attacks still it is harmful as it restricts the user from accessing much application. So I would advise you to change the antivirus settings because it might be preventing MS Outlook from adding the files. Disable the antivirus software when you are importing PST files to MS Outlook. Once you import all of them then enable the settings again.

Never Create an Online Backup

A Virus mob is always there to attack your files on an online portal. So never create a backup of your PST file on an online platform. The chances of corruption are high and even this is the cause of Outlook PST Import error. Everyone has a PC and you can store your PST file in it and prevent the file from virus attacks and corruption.

Enter Correct Account Details

It is not easy to remember the ID and Passwords of multiple accounts. Always enter a correct I.D and password when you are importing PST file to Outlook. If the details are incorrect then you cannot import your PST file to your Outlook Mailbox.

Run Outlook in Safe Mode

In order to run Outlook in safe mode, you have to hold Ctrl key on the keyboard and then start the Outlook Application. A prompt message will appear asking you to open Outlook in Safe mode. Click on Yes and your Outlook application will start in safe mode. Now I think you wouldn’t face Outlook PST Import Error.

Repair PST file and then Import it to Outlook

Sometimes due to corruption issues the user is unable to import PST file to Outlook. So the only option you are left with is to repair PST file before exporting it to MS Outlook. You can repair corrupt PST file:-

  • Using Inbox Repair Tool– It is an inbuilt utility found in MS Outlook Application. This tool is also known as Scanpst.exe which repairs minor corruption in PST Files. it can’t deal with major corruption. The chances of data loss are high if you use this technique to repair damaged PST files.
  • PST Repair Software– When we talk about professionalism then the amateur technique fails. The PST Repair Software helps to fix severe corruption in PST file. Once you repair the PST file then you can easily import it to Outlook account.

Download PST Repair Tool


Well, I have told you the various techniques to fix Outlook PST Import error. It is not a very big issue. It often occurs when the PST file is corrupted or due to user’s negligence. Whatever the reason is but now, you can fix it. For fixing PST corruption you can either use the Inbox repair tool or PST Repair Software and it is totally up to you.

I hope you liked this article.

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