Alternative approach to fix SQL Server Database Error 3456

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SQL is one of the extensively used relational database management systems, which fulfills a wide variety of purposes for example-data analysis and management, business intelligence, update and retrieve data from a database.

A frequent user of SQL Server Database faces error 3456. Any interruption in MDF and NDF and corruption in SQL databases file leads to Error 3456. One can fix it by manually or use an alternative approach to again access SQL Database and use it responsibly.

Whenever there is an error it turns SQL Database into the suspect state. This indicates your database is corrupted and can not be accessed. By knowing the causes of error 3456 one can avoid its further occurrence.

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Causes of SQL Server Database Error 3456

  • Improper system shut down, which affects the server and MDF and NDF files.
  • Inefficient disk space interrupts performance of SQL Server Database.
  • Corrupt MDF and NDF files.
  • SQL is unable to do complete rollback and forward operations.

Whenever there is an error 3456, there are three files generated in the log folder of SQL Server which contain information regarding which page has an error, details of the transaction and the reason of getting this.

To better understand the nature of the database one can run DBCC CHECKDB and use Error logs to know the exact reason of error.

How to resolve SQL Server Database Error 3456

  • Build system database.
  • You can reinstall SQL Server.
  • Another way to fix the error is to restore the backup.

If you want to use restore backup option make sure that you have a backup of MDF and NDF files. But first, you have to rebuild the database, which you can do by giving the following command:

sql 1

This will allow you to attach your database files to the SQL Server Database. If still, you are not able to attach your files to the SQL Database, then it might be a permission error or there is the absence of the owner.

To fix this issue immediately Go to file properties and set the owner. By doing this you will be able to attach your file to the SQL Server and bring your data online.

Another way to rebuild the database is to use the SQL Server installer and in the command prompt run the setup using the REBUILDDATABASE.


When you rebuild the database, restore it again from the last backup.

Alternative solution to fix SQL Server Database Error 3456

Well, as you can see it is a time-consuming process and especially command part is not easy to follow by novice users. So, use an alternative way to fix this issue by using  SQL Server Database Recovery software and secure your valuable database immediately.

Some of the Features of the Software:

  • It repairs all kind of issue in MDF/NDF records and restores it.
  • Preview your file before saving it.
  • This tool supports UNICODE characters.
  • Various recovery modes available to tackle any level of corruption.


Now, being familiar with the SQL Server Database error 3456 and methods of repairing it, you will realize that manual way is very tedious and sometimes does not work as you hope to do so, at that time you can use SQL Database Recovery software to repair the MDF file immediately and have your database ready for further use.

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