How to Resolve Microsoft SQL Server Error 824 Manually?

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Do you receive SQL Server error 824 often? This will restrict access to MDF and NDF files of Microsoft SQL Server. Also, you’ll find yourself unable to access the objects stored in the SQL database. In order to make things work again and prevent data loss situations, you must resolve SQL Server error 824. In this article, I’m going to discuss Microsoft SQL Server error 824, one of the most common and fatal SQL Server error messages. Also, I’ll help you learn how to resolve this Microsoft SQL Server error message.

SQL Server Error 824

There’s no doubt that Microsoft SQL Server is one of the best database management systems. It has great features and functionalities. On the other hand, it may cause some serious problems at times. While working with SQL Server database, it’s very common to encounter error messages. Whenever there’s a problem with the Microsoft SQL Server, you’re likely to receive a Microsoft SQL Server error. Have you ever faced an error message? How did you resolve or troubleshoot it? Sometimes it’s easy to fix the problem. But sometimes it might be challenging enough, especially for the novice users. SQL Server error 824 is one such fatal error message which may even lead to corruption.


When the disk reads the page successfully but the page has some issues with it, you’re likely to receive the SQL Server error 824. Below is the screenshot of the error you may receive:

Microsoft SQL Server error 824

For example, you’re working on the SQL query. Suddenly, you receive the SQL Server error 824 on your screen and the database connection is canceled. The SQL Server error 824 indicates the following things, and you must check them:

  • Name of the database for which the I/O is inconsistent
  • Actual database name of the inconsistent file
  • File offset for a particular location
  • Page number for the inconsistent I/O operation
  • Details regarding the failure of consistency check

Possible Causes

It’s pretty hard to tell the exact reason behind SQL Server error 824. However, the most common reason is associated with the Windows API used by Microsoft SQL Server to carry out the I/O operations. Maybe the Windows API has successfully read the data of the disk, but the data may have caused the logical inconsistency. Any logical inconsistency can surely cause Microsoft SQL Server error. Besides this, there are few other reasons as well:

  • Insufficient Disk Space: Sometimes insufficient disk storage may result in data inconsistency.
  • Faulty Hardware: If the hardware devices associated with the I/O devices are faulty, you’re likely to face the logical inconsistency.
  • Corrupt SQL Database: If the SQL database is corrupt due to any reason, you’ll surely encounter error messages including this one.
  • Faulty Drivers: If the filter drivers you’re using are faulty, it may cause some errors during I/O operations.
  • Corrupt File System: If the file system of the disk is corrupt or it has an issue, it may also lead to inconsistency.

How to Troubleshoot SQL Server Error 824?

There’s an easy manual trick to resolve this Microsoft SQL Server error. Also, you can use a professional solution if the manual trick fails or doesn’t work. First, you should always try the DIY trick. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: First, you need to check the suspect_pages table in the master database (MSDB) to find out if other pages are facing the problem.

Step 2: Now you need to check the state of consistency of the SQL Server database present in the same volume. You can run the DBCC CHECKDB command that can thoroughly scan the entire database to check its consistency and integrity.

Step 3: Then check the PAGE_VERIFY CHECKSUM database option. If it’s not activated, turn it on.

Note: The CHECKSUM command helps you validate page’s consistency after it has been written on to the disk.

Step 4: This time check the Windows event logs to find out if any error takes place in the OS, storage devices, or device driver. If the errors are found, correct them.

Step 5: You can use the SQLIOSim utility that helps you check if the SQL 824 error can be replicated outside of regular I/O requests in the Microsoft SQL Server.

Note: In Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and later versions, the SQLIOSim utility comes with the SQL Server product installation. But it the earlier versions, you need to download it as a separate download package.

Also, you need to check few more things here like:

  • The device drivers and other associated I/O software should be updated.
  • The filter drivers used during the I/O operation should be updated.
  • If you’re allowed to disable the filter drivers, you must do that.

Why Use a Professional Solution?

Sometimes the manual tricks may fail or not work. In such a situation, you should definitely use a professional SQL Database Recovery software. It provides you much better results than the manual tricks. Below are few drawbacks of the manual tricks:

  • Sometimes it might be complex to use the manual tricks, especially for the non-technical users.
  • It needs a lot of time to use the manual tricks.
  • If you don’t perform the manual tricks correctly and/or carefully, this may cause corruption in the SQL database.

Unlike the manual tricks, a professional solution like SQL Database Recovery software doesn’t require any prior technical expertise. Any technical or non-technical user can use this software with ease. It can quickly scan the SQL database and fix the errors. Via this tool, you can restore tables, triggers, indexes, keys, constraints, rules, defaults, etc. from the corrupt SQL database, and save them into a new one. It supports SQL database created by all popular versions of Microsoft SQL Server, such as 2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

Download Free Demo Version

SQL Database Recovery software is available with the demo version for free evaluation. Before purchasing the software, you must download the free demo version. By using the demo version, you can check the preview of your data which you can actually recover from the corrupt SQL database. And if you’re satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the licensed version of the software.

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