MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be Repaired – Query Fixed

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Although whatever the reasons behind the error, as a result, you won’t be able to access your MySQL database tables because it has crashed. In this article, we will discuss the different methods to resolve or fix MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired. Almost every MySQL user has encountered this problem while using the MySQL database, so we also check the reasons and how to identify crashed MySQL tables. Here, we also want to suggest the MySQL Database Recovery Solution, which is effective and efficient enough to repair MySQL database files and solve this problem.

Why MySQL Table Marked as Crashed Error Occurs?

There are several reasons behind getting MySQL marked as crashed and should be repaired. Some of the leading causes are:

  • If the MySQL server system shuts down completely, such issues arise.
  • MySQL will completely crash if disk space is scarce.
  • Forced shutdown or due to sudden power cut down MySQL gets crashed.
  • Any defect or problem in your hardware will also lead to a MySQL crash.
  • Heavy load on the MySQL server can also be responsible for this issue.

These are the possible reasons why Mysqldump Error 1194 Table is marked as Crashed. However, it has been difficult for someone to check out the specific tables affected by the error. Hence, before moving to the solution part, let’s check out the symptoms that show that the MySQL table is corrupted.

What can cause MySQL to crash?

There are several symptoms that help you to identify that the MySQL table has crashed, such as unexpected closing of the file, record file is crashed, the server does not show the file tbl_name.MYI (Errcode: nnn)”, getting an error from table handler, and got error ### from the table handler.”

Methods to Troubleshoot “MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired” error

There are different methods to fix table ‘./mysql/user’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired. A user has to perform the repair task manually, or they can take help from a third-party utility. Let us first learn about the manual technique, and in the next section, we will move to the professional solution.

Method 1: Fix the MySQL table marked as crashed Using the myisamchk Tool

MySQL provides an inbuilt tool to fix minor issues, ‘myisamchk.’ This command-line utility checks and repairs the non-partitioned MySQL tables. You can use this to resolve the MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired.

  • First, list all the corrupted MySQL tables by running the following command.

# myisamchk -s /var/lib/mysql/*/*.MYI

  • After that, execute the below command to repair the damaged tables.

# myisamchk -r /var/lib/mysql/dbname/table_name.MYI

  • Use the corrupt table names instead of table_name in the above command.
  • If your MySQL table does not get repaired yet, stop all web services and MySQL daemon and run the following command.

# myisamchk -r –update-state /var/lib/mysql/dbname/table_name.MYI

  • After performing the above steps, the MySQL is marked as crashed and should be repaired and the query will get fixed.

Method 2: Fix MySQL table crashed Issue by Restoring from Backups

If you are an IT professional or Server administrator, you will know that it has always been a suggestion for users to take the backup of the SQL server database. So, if you have previously saved a backup of SQL database tables, it will be easier for you to resolve or deal with the ‘MySQL table is marked as crashed and should be repaired” error. However, if you do not have backups for MySQL Server data, you will have to look for another solution.

Note:- You always have to take the backup of SQL Server data regularly.

With the above steps, users can troubleshoot if the MySQL table is marked as crashed and should be repaired. Although the above manual method is effective, every user cannot perform the complicated steps. This manual working mode requires sufficient skill and knowledge in the technical field, which is not feasible for every user. Therefore, I also mention a professional approach that could help users perform the same task effortlessly.

Method 3: Professional Solution to Resolve MySQL Database Tables Error

DRS MySQL Repair Tool is a reliable and efficient utility that will enable users to restore the data from corrupt or damaged MySQL database files(MDF and NDF files). It is an automated software specially designed with unique features to fix issues relatable to MySQL database tables and sub-attributes. It offers two different modes of scanning by which one can resolve the crashes or any other error of MySQL database files.

A Complete Working Guide of the software

  1. Download DRS MySQL Database Repair Tool and Run.
  2. Click Open to select MySQL Database files containing crashed tables.
  3. Now, tap the Ok button to start the scanning process of the database file.
  4. Select the folders that you want to save and preview the required items.
  5. Click the “Save as MySQL Data” button and save the recovered database as a new script or MySQL Database online.


In this article, we discussed the three best solutions to fix MySQL is Marked as Crashed and Should be Repaired issue. If you want to proceed with a manual approach, then you must ensure proper time and effort for this mode. Hence, an automated third-party tool is the best option for users who want a quick yet trustworthy result.

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