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The Best MySQL Repair Software to Repair Damaged MySQL Database files and Restore Database Objects

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Demo Version Restriction: DRS MySQL Database Repair Tool free version only previews the recovered data. It does not allow you to save the recovered MySQL database items.

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DRS MySQL Database Repair Tool helps you to repair corrupt MySQL database files and restore inaccessible database items like tables, queries, keys, views, triggers, table properties, etc. This application provides you with two distinct saving options: Save in the Database and Save as Script. Therefore, you can repair the damaged MySQL data and restore it to the MySQL database. This efficient MySQL Database Recovery Tool is compatible with all versions of Windows OS.

  • Efficiently restore data from corrupted MySQL database files (.frm and .ibd).
  • Restore MySQL database objects like tables, properties, queries, views, triggers, etc.
  • Recover complete data from corrupted MyISAM tables without data alteration.
  • Display a preview of the recovered database items in a tree structure.
  • Export the restored MySQL Database files to the live server and save them as SQL script.
  • Easy-to-use software with an extremely simple and interactive GUI.
  • Support all the MySQL database versions from 5.5.27 to 5.7.36.
  • Widely compatible with Windows 11 and all previous versions.

When to Use MySQL Database Recovery Software

To Repair Damaged MySQL Database Tables

Using the MySQL Database Repair Tool, you can repair MySQL database tables that are inaccessible or damaged. It repairs the file and restores database tables to their original. Therefore, you can access all the items. While repairing the items, it maintains data integrity and no file content is modified.

For accessing the Inaccessible MySQL Database

If you are unable to access your MySQL database, it might be because of database file corruption. Thus, you need to repair the MySQL files using the DRS MySQL Database Recovery Tool. It helps you to recover the database items from any level of file corruption and restore maximum data efficiently and securely.

Recover Deleted Database in MySQL without Backup

When you have no backup file, it becomes difficult to restore your MySQL database items. In this case, the MySQL Repair Tool helps you to access and restore the inaccessible MySQL file data without backup file. You can preview the database items and export them to the live server. Also, you can save the recovered items locally as SQL script.

Prominent Features of MySQL Database Repair Tool

MySQL Recovery Tool is Built with all the Latest Functionalities for Maximum Database Recovery

DRS MySQL Database Repair Software is quite efficient in MySQL data recovery because of its advanced algorithm and features. You can check the recovered items in a tree-structure preview and select what items you want to restore. Along with that, the application offers numerous options that assist you in data recovery.

Repair MySQL Database Files

Repair MySQL Database Files

The application repairs corrupted/damaged/inaccessible MySQL database FRM and IBD files with complete accuracy and recover maximum database items. It can restore all database objects and repair MySQL Database tables, triggers, queries, views, etc. without any data alteration. Therefore, it is a complete MySQL database recovery solution.

Recover MyISAM tables

Recover MyISAM tables

If you have corrupted MyISAM tables and want to recover them, the MySQL repair tool is the best solution for you. It can repair damaged and inaccessible database files and restore MyISAM tables from the corrupted file to their original state. Moreover, while recovering the data, it does not change file content.

Preview Recovered Items

Preview Recovered Items

After repairing the corrupted MySQL database files, the MySQL Database Repair Tool displays a preview of the recovered file content in a tree structure. You can see all the file content in the right section. Also, you can choose specific database items. It helps you to save only the desired database items.

Export to the Database

Export to the Database

Another remarkable feature of this prominent software is that you can export the recovered MySQL database directly to the live server after checking the preview of the recovered items. All you need is to provide the login details of the desired MySQL database like Server, User, Port, and Password.

Save Database as SQL Script

Save Database as SQL Script

You can also save the recovered MySQL database files locally as SQL script. This feature helps you backup your MySQL database so that you can restore it in case of data loss. After selecting the recovered items from the preview, you can choose the destination for your recovered MySQL database items.

Easy-to-Use Software

Easy-to-Use Software

DRS MySQL Database Repair Tool has a very simple and interactive GUI that enables even a non-technical user to use the application quite easily. You do not need to be a technical expert to use this application. Moreover, we have prepared a detailed software working manual that describes complete software working.

Support Various MySQL Versions

Support Various MySQL Versions

MySQL Corrupt Database Recovery tool supports a wide range of MySQL versions. It is developed to help users have any database versions. It repairs corrupted MySQL database files created by MySQL version 5.5.27 to 5.7.36. Thus, you can install and use the software for any of these MySQL database versions.

Windows Compatible Tool

Windows Compatible Tool

Like the MySQL versions, the MySQL Database Repair Software is also widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS. It works swiftly whether you use the latest Windows 11 or any previous version of Windows. Its effectiveness and data integrity will remain unaltered on every Windows PC.

Screenshots to Recover Deleted Database in MySQL

To get the detailed process for recovering deleted Database Files in MySQL click here...

Technical Specifications and Requirements

Repair Corrupted MySQL Database Files with the Best MySQL Database Recovery Tool

Software Download

DRS MySQL Database Repair Tool is the best solution for recovering your database items from corrupted MySQL database files. It helps you recover complete MySQL objects. Also, you can choose the specific items you want to recover. It offers advanced features to export the recovered items to the database or you can save it locally as SQL script.

Size: 2 MB   Version: 22.0

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The free version of the MySQL Repair tool only previews the recovered database items. It does not allow you to save it. Therefore, you have to purchase the premium license for complete database recovery.





Hard Disk Space

500 MB Free Space

supported Editions

1. Why is the software not working in my Windows 10?

Ans: Follow the steps below if the software is not working properly on your PC.

  1. Go to Windows Defender.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Turn off Real-Time Protection.
    Without disabling the controlled folder access, the application becomes unable to install some essential programs. It is because the safety feature blocks anything that tries to modify user\{user name} or various other related folders.

2. Why is my backup process still getting blocked?

Ans: Disable the antivirus and Windows defender and add the product to the exception list. The firewall and antiviruses that protect your system from malicious programs also consider our product a threat. So, you need to deactivate the security features.

3. Does this software support SAN, NAS storage systems?

Ans: Yes, the tool supports SAN, NAS storage systems provided that the file's access is transparent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Follow the below instructions to repair damaged MySQL database files.
  • Install and launch the DRS MySQL database recovery tool as administrator.
  • Click on the Open button. Press the Browse button and choose the desired MySQL database file.
  • The application displays a preview of the recovered items. Choose the desired items and click on the Save MySQL Data button.
  • Select whether you want to Save in the Database or Save it as the script.
  • After defining the destination, click on the OK button to save the recovered data.

Ans : If you are facing the MySQL database crashed issue, your MySQL database files have been corrupted. You can fix the MySQL Database Crashed issue either by manual methods or by adopting the professional MySQL Data Recovery Tool. The latter option is more efficient and reliable.

Ans: You can recover MySQL database files by different techniques. You can use the mysqldump utility or via PHPMyAdmin. You can also use the MySQL Workbench. However, these solutions are suitable when you have adequate technical expertise. Therefore, you should opt for the advanced MySQL repair tool.

Ans: Yes, this application can efficiently repair and restore all MySQL database objects tables, queries, stored procedures, triggers, views, indexes, partitions, aliases, etc. Also, while restoring the database items, the application ensures data integrity.

Ans: No, the application does not support the InnoDB storage engine. It only supports the MyISAM storage engine.

Ans: You cannot download the MySQL database recovery tool crack version. The application has a free demo version for evaluation purposes. After that, you can activate the premium license of this tool after purchasing the software.

Ans: The free demo version of the MySQL Database Repair Tool does not save the recovered data. It only previews the restored MySQL database items. Therefore, you need to purchase a premium license to save your data.

Ans: Yes, the application can efficiently repair database files of MySQL version 5.5.27 to 5.7.36.

Ans: The software will work swiftly on all versions of Windows OS. Therefore, you can install and use the software whether you use Windows 11 or any previous Windows version.

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Comparison MySQL Database Repair Tool - Demo Version v/s Premium Version
Product Features Demo Version Full Version
Repair corrupted/inaccessible MySQL database items and restore maximum data effectively Does not save only previews Save recovered data
Recover MySQL tables, queries, indexes, procedures, triggers, etc.
Preview the recovered database items
Export recovered MySQL database items to the live server
Save the recovered MySQL locally as SQL script
Support MySQL database versions 5.5.27 to 5.7.36.
Recover MySQL items without any data modification
Widely compatible with all versions of Windows OS
24*7 technical support
Price Free $149
Download and Purchase Download Purchase
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