How to troubleshoot SQL Server Database Fatal Error 823?

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Summary: This blog is summarized to troubleshoot SQL Server error 823. It also contains the description of various reasons responsible for this error.

Commonly, in our professional lives, we have to face many issues and errors in our SQL Server Database. The one of the most critical error is SQL Database fatal error 823. It damages the data uniformity of the server file. On the basis of severity, at the forefront, it should be recovered first. Let have the introduction of this error in the below section.

Introduction to SQL Server Database Fatal Error 823

This error arises when the SQL database refuses to perform the input-output operations. Mainly, the I/O operations are like insert, delete and update. When these commands are executed the SQL Server utilizes the application programming interface that interacts with the Windows Operating System. In every time of transactions the Server inspects each API and in case of any inconsistency, the SQL will instantly report a SQL Error 823 call.

Now, move forward to the causes behind this SQL Server error 823.

Causes of SQL Server Error 823

SQL Server Error 823

As it is explained in the above section, this error arises due to the failure of coordination between Server and API (Application Programming Interface). So, the reasons which responsible for the failure of consistency are as follows:

  • You are using a corrupt system
  • The corrupt hardware is used
  • Due to the updated and reinstalled SQL Server
  • The system files are missing or inconsistency
  • Due to the virus infection
  • The database files are corrupt

After knowing the possible reasons, let’s find out the method to repair it.

Manual Approach to Fix Server Error 823

To find the solution to this error is not an easy task. Here, I am suggesting some manual methods you can try these.

  • Check the accuracy of the database
  • Check the Windows Application Event Log to verify the operating system and file system associated with encountered errors.
  • Run DBCC CHECKDB to find the reason of the error
  • Restore the server database from valid backup and Restore SQL File.
  • Examine the faulty pages

Running DBCC CHECKDB command recommends to restore from backup or may cause loss of information so in such cases to resolve this error abruptly you must go with SQL Server database recovery tool by which you can fix SQL Server fatal error 823 immediately.

Automated Method to Fix Server Error 823

In case, the above method fails to troubleshoot SQL Server Database error then there is an alternate solution called SQL Database Recovery tool. This software can recover your important data from corrupted MS SQL database files. This tool offers is very effective for the recovery of file objects including tables, views, stored procedure, programmability, triggers, default, and functions.



I have mentioned the two methods to fix SQL server error 823. If the manual method fails you can opt for an automated method. Hope this will help you.

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