How to Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook – A DIY Approach

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Google is undoubtedly one of the biggest companies in the world. And a prominent factor behind such repo is its popular email client Gmail. Individuals to corporations and from small-sized to large business organizations prefer Gmail over others. Also, users can store their contacts in it. By using import Gmail contacts to Outlook, they can access their contacts offline too.

For many users, importing Gmail contacts has not been a pleasurable experience. That was mainly due to the lack of knowledge. Hence, I will help you import Google contacts to Outlook with the help of some easy yet efficient methods. First of all, let us look for the reasons for the latter.

Why Transfer Contacts From Gmail To Outlook?

Gmail users can access the contacts anytime and anywhere after signing in to their accounts. Yet, importing contacts from Gmail to Outlook is considered better because of the following reasons:

  • Access contacts offline
  • Removes dependency on network connections
  • Decreases the threat of losing data
  • Stay protected from cyber threats

There can be several other reasons to import Gmail contacts to Outlook. But these primary reasons are enough to give you an idea. Now, let us quickly move towards learning the methods to import contacts from Outlook to Gmail.

Hassle-Free Solution

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How to Import Contacts From Gmail to Outlook?

There are not a lot of options available for importing Gmail contacts to Outlook manually. Let us divide the method for performing the latter task into two parts, which are as follows:

Part 1: Export Gmail contacts to Outlook accepted CSV format

Part 2: Import CSV file to Outlook

Now, let us understand these methods deeply.

Part 1: Export Gmail Contacts to Outlook

First of all, to import Gmail contacts to Outlook, we have to export our Gmail contacts in CSV format by following the given steps:

  • Initially, log in to the Gmail account from where you want to export contacts.
  • Now, click on the Contacts icon from the menu available on the extreme right.


Note: Also, you can directly go to and log in to your account to access your contacts.

  • After that, click on the Export icon from the left panel.


  • Now, select the contacts to export from the drop-down menu. Also, check the radio button next to Outlook CSV and click on the Export button.

export contacts

  • Finally, your exported contacts CSV file will be available on your local disk.

Now, we can move to the second part to complete the process to import Gmail contacts to Outlook.

Part 2: Import Contacts to Outlook from Gmail

  • First of all, open MS Outlook and go to the File menu.
  • Now, click on Open & Export from the file menu.
  • Then, click on the Import/Export icon to open the import and export wizard.
  • On the next window, select Import from another program or file and click on the Next
  • Now, choose Comma Separated Values (CSV) and proceed further by hitting Next.
  • After that, browse and pick the exported CSV file. You can also select different options as per your needs.
  • At last, select the Contacts folder from the tree and click Next > Finish.
  • Now, you have completed the process to import Gmail contacts to Outlook. Check your imported contacts in Outlook.

However, there are certain limitations to import contacts from Gmail to Outlook by this method. Let us look at them too.

Limitations of Manual Method

Import Gmail contacts to Outlook 2016, 12, or any other version is not a difficult task. But there are some limitations to perform that manually, which are as follows:

  • Contact info may be missing or organized in the wrong manner. You can add those themselves in the excel file.
  • Some contacts may get left out and don’t appear in Outlook.
  • Importing numerous contacts in one go may result in an error.
  • Importing contacts from G Suite with multiple accounts is pretty tricky because you cannot export contacts from all accounts simultaneously.

You will need a unique solution to overcome these limitations. You can try the third-party utility for the answer to how to add Google contacts to Outlook given in the next section.

Third-Party Utility to Import Gmail Contacts to Outlook

You can opt for DRS Gmail Backup Tool to import Gmail contacts from Outlook smoothly and effectively. Apart from that, this tool also gives you the freedom to backup all your emails, attachments, and other data in PDF, MBOX, PST, etc., securely to your local disks. With this tool, you can also import your email to other email clients like Yahoo Mail, AOL, Hotmail, etc.

Summing Up

At last, we learned so many things via this blog. You got to know about the various reasons and solutions to import Gmail contacts to Outlook. You also learned how to import Google contacts to Outlook with the help of the third-party utility. I hope that you found this blog technically sound and valuable.

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