How to Perform IMAP Migration to office 365 – Migrate IMAP to Office 365

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SMTP is used for outgoing emails and on the other hand POP3, IMAP protocols help in receiving the emails through any email client. If you are also worried about the IMAP Migration to Office 365 then you have successfully knocked on the right door. In this write-up, all the information to migrate IMAP to Office 365 transfer will be usher to you.

Whenever we say IMAP the first thing that came to mind is connecter. As IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) acts as a joiner between the various Email clients (such as Office 365, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, etc.) and the server. We are using Gmail APK on our android device and are able to send/receive emails through this app. Ever wondered how is this happening? If no, then I will tell you, here IMAP acts into picture the Android Gmail Application is connected to by none other than IMAP. After the successful connection is made by IMAP then only the IMAP migration to Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. occurs.

Why is there a need to backup IMAP emails?

  • Users can get a timely backup of all the working emails.
  • No Internet Connection? No worries. After the backup, you can able to read all the emails even without the WIFI or LAN connectivity,
  • God forbid the hackers. But who knows if hacking occurs then you are having all the email data on your own laptop.
  • Viruses, Malware, Worms, etc. can rupture the email data. But, if a backup of IMAP emails is there then there are no worries about loss of the email data.

Migrate data yourself, or have DRS Softech do it for you!

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Let us go to the other section and see,

How to Migrate IMAP to Office 365?

When we are thinking of performing IMAP migration to Office 365 then as a user the first thing that comes into our minds is Google. I am also on you. I have tried and tested various methods to migrate IMAP emails to another host like Office 365 and now I am able to refine some ways to migrate IMAP emails to the new server. Let’s discuss these ways.

Manual Way to perform IMAP Migration to Office 365?

In this section you are the boss, all the things are done by you only. An email has an option to manually perform an IMAP migration to Office 365 which I am going to tell you in through below 6 steps. Follow me carefully,

Recognize the name of the present Email server

  • To perform this operation do follow the steps provided down,
  • On the Web, outlook opens your email box.
  • Under your toolbar search for POP.
  • When the search provides the various results then choose POP and IMAP from them.
  • You will be able to get your complete server’s name under the SMTP settings part.

Pop and IMAP settings

Make the list of mailboxes items to migrate

In this make a complete list with your Email Address, Username, and Passwords of the mailboxes that need to migrate IMAP to Office 365.

email address

Connect Office 365 to email application

  • Move to the Email Admin center and choose the recipient’s option.
  • Now, under Migration follow the path as More > Migration endpoints.

migration endpoint

  • Click on Plus sign (+) and built your new migration endpoint.
  • Hit on IMAP under Migration Endpoint window page.
  • In configuration write your IMAP server name and let other data unchanged.
  • Here, your IMAP server tries and builds a connection to the email client and if a successful connection is established then General Info can be seen by you.
  • Choose New to make a new End Pont by writing your migration Endpoint name.

Built a new batch and migrate them

We don’t have much time that we perform an IMAP migration to Office 365 by transferring a single email from IMAP to Office 365. That is why here we use batch migrate IMAP email to the new server.

  • The first step is the same as the previous part.
  • Now hit + and choose to migrate to exchange online.

migrate exchange online

  • We have to select IMAP migration as we migrate IMAP emails to another host like Office 365.
  • Here, under the user page select your IMAP to Office 365 migration file that is created earlier and move to the next step.
  • All the information is shown to you after checking or validating the file by Office 365. Hit on Next to continue after this.

new migration batch

  • You will see the config page. Click on Next there.
  • Select your Migration Endpoint now.
  • Now, write down the migration batch name under the new migration batch name. If a folder needs to be excluded then remove them from the exclude folder option.


Finally, perform these two options;

  • For a safer side send a copy of IMAP to Office 365 migration to various users by choosing the report from the browse menu.
  • Choose the option to Automatically start the batch. You will see after the finishing of the process the status will move from converted to synching.

email address

Dispel the Email to Office 365

How will your Office 365 know that now it will have to receive the emails after migration? This is done by changing the MX record pointer from the current email client to Office 365. For this, you have to wait as it takes around 3 days to succeed.

Stop synchronization of emails

When the MX record has started pointing towards Office 365 then delete the batch to stop synchronization of the emails from IMAP to Office 365. For this keep a note that;

  • If other users are using an email application, then no data will be copied to their system after deleting the batch of the emails.
  • Make sure 3 days or 72 hours have passed before deleting your batch.

Now follow the below steps to delete the Migration Batch,

  • Put your cursor to Exchange admin center press it and then follow Recipients>Migration.
  • Now, Select the desired migration batch and hit the delete button to finish IMAP migration to Office 365.

delete migration

Limitations Associated

  • Yes, you are right there is a various tedious task to migrate IMAP to Office 365.
  • If an Email is greater than 35 MB then IMAP to Office 365 migration is not performed.
  • Calendars, Contacts, and various other email items cannot be transferred using this way.
  • The order of the steps should be right other data loss can be seen in emails.
  • Domain needs to be added in order to start IMAP migration to Office 365.

I have already taught you the Manual Way but, I don’t think that this will help you as it is a very tough task. Do not worry I never disappoint my readers you I have another way for IMAP migration to Office 365. Let us see this,

How to migrate IMAP email to Office 365 professionally?

Professional Way is the easier version that helps to migrate IMAP email to new server effortlessly. No limitations, no prolonged steps, no data loss issues are to be worried about while using this way. In this I want you to use the IMAP Backup Tool to do IMAP migration to Office 365. DRS Softech has fabricated this tool in such a manner that it is easy to migrate IMAP to Office 365 various other clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Attachments are also taken into consideration by the IMAP Backup tool. You can also take IMAP backup to a Hard disk, Pen drive, or any other media using this DRS Softech tool. IMAP files also can be moved to PST, JSON, PDF, MBOX, EML, TXT, etc. formats of file. More than 33 email clients are catered by the IMAP backup tool. The trial form of the software utility can be downloaded from the official DRS Softech website which has the power to back up your 50 emails for free.

I think all of your queries to migrate IMAP to office 365 have now been resolved.


In this article I have thoroughly explained what is IMAP and why do we need to migrate IMAP to Office 365. All I can say now is that for me data is the priority as it can not be purchased with any amount. When I was at your stage, I used the IMAP backup tool for IMAP migration to Office 365 and that is why I am assuring you to go with this DRS Softech utility as it will securely migrate IMAP emails to another host like Office 365 in a minimum time possible.

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