How to Resolve “Outlook Gmail Synchronization” Issue?

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Undoubtedly, Outlook and Gmail are pretty distinct from each other. Despite being different, they are often used together because of their unique features. But to do so, every user is bound to perform Outlook Gmail Synchronization, which is not that easy for everyone.

Several users have faced difficulties while synchronizing Outlook and Gmail due to various reasons. In such cases, you may be questioning yourself, “How do I sync my Gmail with Outlook?” Well, no need to worry because we have brought the best solutions to your question.

We will learn about all the solutions in a while. Firstly, let us discover the factors which may be restricting you to sync Outlook with Gmail.

Factors Affecting Gmail and Outlook Sync

Some of the main factors behind the problem are as follows:

  • Some Windows updates may be blocking the IMAP connection.
  • An unstable network connection may disturb outlook sync with Gmail.
  • Incorrect settings in your Google Account are also a factor affecting the sync.
  • Reorganizing folders in Outlook can be a cause for outlook folders not syncing with Gmail.
  • The limitation of PST size in Outlook restricts the synchronization over a point.
  • Gmail sync with Outlook can face restrictions because of a corrupt Outlook data file.

These factors must have given you a brief exposure to Outlook Gmail synchronization. Therefore, let us now move towards the solutions to resolve such issues.

Solutions to Resolve “Outlook Not Syncing With Gmail” Issue

In this section, I will provide you with the best possible solution for the concerned issue. Some of those are as follows:

  • Resync the folder
  • Using OST Integrity Check Tool (scanost.exe)
  • Using Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe)
  • Reconfiguring your Gmail account

Solution 1: Resync the folder

If you are having issues with syncing a specific folder while facing the problem “outlook won’t sync with Gmail,” then you should perform the steps as given below:

  • First of all, right-click on the folder with sync issues, and now click on
  • Now, Tap on Clear Offline Items and hit OK to move forward towards resolving the Outlook Gmail synchronization
  • After that, click on Send/Receive from the Outlook main menu bar.
  • Select Update Folder from the menu, or you can use the shortcut Shift+F9.
  • Afterward, your folders will synchronize in a while.

Solution 2: Using OST Integrity Tool (scanost.exe)

If you are having much more problems than folder sync, then your OST file may require repairing. Follow the given steps to amend your OST file.

  • First, close the Outlook application and go to the following location:

C;\Program Files| Microsoft Office\Office12

  • Find & double click on SCANOST
  • Now, select the profile you want to check and if prompted to connect, click
  • Click on the Begin Scan button to start scanning and repairing OST for any errors.

Note: This method is not applicable on MS Outlook 2010 and above.

Solution 3: Using Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe)

If you still have problems and you are unable to open the OST file, then use this solution as follows:

  • First, open the given location in file explorer. C;\Program Files|Microsoft Office\Office12
  • Here, search for SCANPST and double click on it.
  • Now, select the problematic OST file from the browse window.
  • Click on the Start button to begin repairing.
  • Wait until the scanning finishes. If there is an error, click on the Repair
  • Finally, you have successfully resolved the Outlook Gmail Synchronization

Solution 4: Reconfiguring Your Gmail Account

You can also reconfigure your Gmail account to Outlook to have a solution for “how to sync Gmail with Outlook?”

  • Firstly, open Outlook and go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings.
  • Select your Gmail account and click on the Remove Button.
  • Now move back to the File menu and hit Add Account.
  • Enter your Gmail id and click Connect. Choose Google if prompted on the next.
  • On the next window, enter the info given below if asked and click Next. Incoming mail server –     Port – 993,  Outgoing mail server –       Port – 465 ,  Encryption Method – SSL/TLS
  • After that, enter your password and click on the Sign In button to complete the setup.

The above methods can certainly be performed manually but have several limitations. Let us look at them as well.

Limitation of Manual Methods to Fix “Outlook Gmail Synchronization” Issue

Some of the primary limitations of the manual methods are as follows:

  • Very lengthy
  • Time-consuming process.
  • Require Technical Expertise
  • No assurance of data safety

Now, the question arises of how to sync Gmail and Outlook safely and comfortably. Well, let us look at the best solution for the latter.

Best Solution for How to Sync Outlook and Gmail

Alternatively, you can take backup of your Gmail account into Outlook accepted PST format using DRS IMAP Backup Tool, which can be easily transferred into your Outlook account. In this way, you can sync Gmail with Outlook without falling into the trap of the complexity of manual methods. Apart from that, it also allows you to save & backup all your emails into different file formats like PDF, MBOX, etc., making it the best choice.


In brief, you would have learned about the factors responsible for the Outlook Gmail synchronization issue, along with the various manual methods and the best solution to resolve the latter. I hope this blog would have been technically relevant to you in solving all your queries.


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