How to Setup a PDF Owner Password – Easy Manual Steps

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A PDF owner password is a password which is used to restrict documents in PDF files. Owner password is also known as the change permissions password in Adobe Acrobat. Users might see it referred as restriction password, PDF permissions password, or PDF masters password depending upon the PDF reader.

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a PC application utilizing the end goal of exchanging the files and keeping layout. PDF is a safe file format without any inclination to the PC infections. Users can put a security on PDF documents with digital marks of certificates, passwords.

There are mainly two sorts of passwords – one to open the file or document known as the “PDF User Password” and other password limits printing and altering, known as the “PDF Owner Password”.

How to Set a PDF Owner Password?

To protect PDF file or document with a password, users need to utilize the PDF changing programming to add password to PDF. Example: Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open PDF document using Adobe Acrobat.
  • Go to the tools section on the right side.
  • Click on the Protect symbol in the drop-down list.


  • Now go to the Encrypt section and choose Encrypt with password option.


  • In the Permissions window, check on the checkbox as per your requirement and then enter a password in “Check Permissions Passwords”.


  • Users can also click on changes allowed to choose options from the dropdown.


  • Check on “Require a password to open the document” option and enter password in the textbox. After that, click on the OK button.


  • It further prompts you to save the PDF document or file to apply the security settings. Click on OK and press Ctrl+S to save the PDF document.

How to Restrict Someone Opening a PDF?

Above we have discussed setting up a PDF owner password to create restrictions on open PDF documents. However, you can even prevent anyone from opening the PDF. Users can put a strong password and lock PDF so that every time, anyone wants to access the PDF document, there would be a requirement to enter the PDF unlocker password to see the PDF content.

You must use a user password for PDF to provide a document open security as the PDF owner password doesn’t restrict the users to open the PDF document.

How to Unlock, Recover, or Remove Owner Password PDF

If you forgot the PDF user password or PDF owner password that you have used to password protect PDF, then there are several free pdf unlocker online methods available to recover or remove the password completely.

You can try the advanced DRS PDF Security Password Remover which smartly removes the PDF security password and unlocks the PDF document without any damage to the content of the file. The utility provides some amazing features and some of them we have listed below in this blog.

Key Features

  • Smoothly removes the PDF security without any damage in the content of the file.
  • Removes the encryption to unprotect the PDF file.
  • Adds multiple PDF files at a single time and unlocks them.
  • Allows to change Meta data and other information.
  • Supports all PDF files created by various Adobe Acrobat versions.
  • Supports all the versions of Windows.
  • The free version saves the unlocked PDF file with the watermark.

Final Words

Above in this blog, we have discussed setting up a PDF owner password and easy solution to unlock or remove owner password PDF. We hope this complete guide will help you with an easy solution to set the owner password and for removing password from pdf.

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