How to Fix Outlook Inbox Emails Disappeared Issue?

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“Hello techies, I am a new Microsoft Outlook user and so not aware of a lot of technicalities connected with this application. As soon as, I started the application, I understood that some of my emails are missing, I was startled by seeing this at first, but didn’t try anything because of the worry of missing them enduringly. Why is it? Why my Outlook inbox emails disappeared, and how can I fix this?”

What you will do if just like the above user, eventually you too may surprisingly find out that some of your emails are missing from your Inbox folder. They can be the emails that you received recently or older ones, can be of a certain subject or by a certain person, and so on. So, here in this blog, I am going to help you recover all the disappeared emails from your Outlook mailbox.

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Why My Emails Have Disappeared From Outlook?

If we talk about the reasons behind the Outlook folders missing issue, there can be several reasons. From which a few are reversible, while a few are not. Let’s discuss the possible reasons:

  • Problems in configuration settings

It is possible that there some issues in the POP or IMAP settings of your account. If you have to configure them wrong, you may face this outlook subfolders missing issue.

  • Unintentional deletion of emails

You really might delete emails accidentally and not realize it and therefore they might be disappearing from your account. Let’s assume you have MS Outlook configured in your mobile and it is synced too. Unmindful of this sync, you are deleting emails when they are getting removed from your account and not just from your mobile.

  • Inactivity in Outlook

If you have been not using Outlook for a long while, then also you may face this Outlook archive folder missing issue.

  • Improperly set Filter option

If you have used the wrong filters you may be incapable to read emails that are a few days old, read, unread, without attachment, etc.

  • Hacked Outlook account

You can also encounter this issue if your Outlook account is hacked or mistreated by someone. Attempt changing your password.

How to Fix Outlook Inbox Emails Disappeared Issue with Easy Manual Methods?

As discussed earlier, there are many motives why outlook emails disappear. To fix this problem, we are here to discuss a few of the most fitting manual fixes. Let’s check them out:

Fix 1: Check Deleted Items Folder

If you are unable to find a few emails in your Inbox in Outlook, then apparently you have deleted those emails accidentally. The emails you eliminate from the inbox, really don’t get eliminated right away. Rather, these messages get saved in the Deleted Items folder. Hence, to recover deleted items, go to the Deleted Items folder and recover emails from there.

Fix 2: Check Filters

Seldom filters can be a primary reason why emails are disappearing. Therefore, try to make changes in the filter settings. To adjust the filter setting, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Open Outlook and click on the View tab.
  • Now in the current View area, click on the View Settings option.
  • After that in the new Advanced View Settings dialogue box, click on the Filter option.
  • In the new Filter dialogue box, continue to the More Choices tab.
  • In this section, see if any filter box is checked; if yes, then uncheck all and click on OK.

Fix 3: Explore emails with the help of Advanced Find

If you are not seeing a few of the emails that were there before in your inbox, try searching them with the Advanced Find feature of Outlook. To perform so, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Start Outlook and go to Inbox.
  • After that in the top section, click in the Search box to activate the Search Tools tab.
  • Now, extend the Search tools, choose the Advance Find option.
  • In the given columns, type the suitable details of the emails you want to search. From the three categories, and you can choose the one that suits you.

Solution 4: Create a New Outlook Profile, Export & Import Old mail history.

Hereby exporting old emails and later importing them to a new Outlook profile, all the missing emails can be returned to your mailbox. Let’s understand all three steps, one by one, in a specific manner.

  1. Exporting Old Mail history

Exporting old mail history is the initial step to bring back dropped old emails. Therefore, let’s get started:

  • Run Outlook.
  • Discover the File menu; click on it and choose Open & Export.
  • Choose Export/Import from the menu of Open & Export.
  • After that from the Import and Export Wizard dialogue box, select Export to a file.
  • Choose Outlook data file (.pst) from Export to a File dialogue box.
  • Pick the email account you want to make changes to.
  • After choosing the email account, make sure the Include Subfolders box is checked.
  • Now, click on the Next button to move forward.
  • A new dialogue box appears, now hit on the Browse button and choose the location to export the file, and also provide it a name.
  • After that choose a suitable option from the given ones, here we choose the “Replace duplicates with items exported” option, as it is our current requirement.
  • Now click on the Finish button.
  1. Create a New Outlook Profile

To create a new Outlook profile, follow the below-curated steps:

  • Go to Control Panel -> Mail icon and click on it.
  • From the new dialog box click on the Show Profiles option.
  • After that, click on the Add button to create a new profile.
  • Now add a profile name and click on OK.
  • Promptly follow the on-screen directions and give the necessary details to create a new Outlook profile.
  1. Import Old Mail History

Import the old mail history is the last of the three steps to the newly created Outlook profile. To begin this process, open Outlook and obey the below-mentioned steps.

  • Click on the File menu. Choose Open & Export from the available options.
  • Now pick the Import/Export option from the list.
  • After that, choose Import from another program or file and Hit the Next button.
  • After that from the new list of options, select the Outlook Data file (.pst).
  • Now hit on the Next button to continue.
  • In the next step, mouse click on the Browse button.
  • Explore the file that you stored while performing the export function, choose that file, and wait for the history to sync properly.

So, this was the end of the three steps, after practicing which you will be able to bring all your disappeared emails back to the new Outlook profile.

How to Restore Permanently Deleted Emails Easily?

So, if the above-mentioned programs are a bit boring or difficult for you to fix Outlook inbox email disappeared problem, we suggest you a shortcut method – do it with an automated PST repair tool. We can use DRS Outlook Repair Tool to recover permanently deleted emails or to find emails disappearing from Outlook 2016 & fix corruption in the PST file. Try its trial version for PST repair tool free to get an idea about its features and working.


In this blog, we have discussed how Outlook inbox emails disappeared and how one can find missing folders in Outlook or bring deleted emails back to the mailbox. We have told both the manual and automated methods to get the desired results.

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