How to Move Outlook Data to a New Computer/PC – A Manual Guide

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Getting a new computer is always a very hectic task; you have to move all your data and files to the new system. More importantly, you also have to move outlook data to a new computer. Immigrating outlook data files to a new computer or pc is not a menial task as transferring PST files is a very difficult process.

Manual Process to move Outlook data to a new computer

For transferring emails from one computer to another, you first of all have to take a backup of PST file so as to restore the things. There are two steps in this process:

  • Backup the PST file and restore
  • Import PST file

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Let’s explain both the process in detail:

Backup the PST files and restore

Step 1: Go to Run, type “Control Panel” and click on “User Account”.

control panel

Step 2: Here, double-click on “Mail” icon.


Step 3: Here under Mail Setup dialogue box, click on “Show Profiles”

show profile

Step 4: Now Click on “Properties” option.


Step 5: Now in the Account settings, click on Data Files and select the option of PST file.

data files

Step 6: Copy the path name and then click open My Computer.

Step 7: Paste the path name in the location bar on top and click on Enter.

Step 8: Now the PST files are open. You can take backup of the files by copying and pasting it to the USB drive or other external disk drives.

Step 9: Save the PST files to a new computer by connecting the external disk drive and pasting the content.

Import PST files to move Outlook data to a new Computer/PC

After transferring the PST files to a new computer, now you have to import the PST in Outlook 2010, 2013 & 2016. Follow the below steps to import PST file to Outlook:

Step 1: Open Outlook and go to File tab.

Step 2: Click on Open and select Import option


Step 3: From Import & Export wizard, click Import from another program or file and then click on Next.

import export

Step 4: Click on Outlook Data File(.pst) and then click on Next.

import a file

Step 5: Click on Browse to navigate to the file that needs to import and then click Next. Alternatively, type the name and correct path for the PST file that you need to import.

import outlook data file

Note: Under Options section, it is advised to select Do not import duplicates. You can select the appropriate option if you want Outlook to replace or replicate items that already exist in Outlook.

Step 6: Select folders that you need to import or select the top of the hierarchy to select all the folders in the PST file. Now click Finish.

import outlook

In MS Outlook 2007 and earlier version
  • Open MS Outlook and click on File tab
  • Then click on Import and Export option
  • Select Import from another program or file and click on Next
  • Click on Outlook Data File(.pst) and then click on Next
  • Specify the name and path for the PST that needs to be imported and click on Next
  • Then, select the folder that you need to import
  • Now click on Finish


Manually transferring PST files is a very tedious task. It is also time-consuming and difficult. It is not even guaranteed if the data being migrated would be complete. Sometimes it happens that the files get corrupted while overwriting. So, to move Outlook data to a new computer, there is a best possible way is to take the help of third-party software like OST to PST Converter. It even supports damaged or corrupted Exchanged OST file. So, to move Outlook 2016 to new computer this is one of the best possible solutions.

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