How to Open Password Protected PDF without Password?

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Sometimes it happens that the user forgets the password of the PDF file and he is not able to open it. But don’t worry every problem has a solution. There are many methods which I am going to discuss to open password protected PDF without password. The methods are simple and straight which can be easily understood by any user.

Have you forgotten your PDF Password?

Didn’t remember the User Password?

Has the owner has put any restrictions in PDF file?

Note: To open password protected PDF without password, you have to provide the existing user password once using our software to open the PDF password.

See there are many questions but all the question has an answer. First I would like to tell you what role does the User and Owner password plays in PDF. If the user wants to view the contents in the PDF then he has to enter User Password. For copying, printing and editing the PDF Document the Owner’s Password is required.

Well I will not waste time on discussing PDF and its restrictions. Let’s see how can we remove restrictions from PDF files.

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Download Free PDF Security Password Remover to remove security password and restriction from an encrypted or password protected PDF file with ease and access your crucial PDF file data.

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Manual Methods to Open Password Protected PDF without Password

  • Open PDF using Google Chrome
    • Remove Password by Adobe Acrobat
    • Use Online Web Application
    • Open PDF with PDF Unlocker

Open PDF using Google Chrome

  • Right Click on PDF file and point the cursor on Open with.
    • Select the Chrome Browser from the list.
    Print the PDF file by Right Clicking on it and selecting the option.
    • Select Microsoft Print to PDF option and Click on Print.
    • Now the PDF Downloads with no password.

Remove Password by Adobe Acrobat

  • Download and Install Adobe Acrobat from the web.
    Open the PDF file which is Password Protected
    • Click on File Tab and Open Properties.
    • Now Click on Permission Details and open Security Tab.
    • Check the No Security option.
    • Click on Remove Password in Security Method menu.
    Save the PDF file and now access the file.

Use Online Web Application

If you have the PDF file saved into your mobile or tablets then you can go with this method. You just have to upload the file on the website and after the completion of the process you can download it from there. You may find many websites which remove the PDF password online. Ultimately you will be able to open password protected PDF without password.
Now you can access the secured PDF File.

Are you still unable to remove PDF security?

Then I would suggest stop trying the manual methods. Just go for the professional PDF tool. The PDF Unlocker Software by DRS is the best aid to your problem. It will simply remove the PDF password without causing any damage to your file. Then you will be able to view the contents present in the PDF file.

Download PDF Unlocker

The tool will not only removes the User Password but also deletes the Owner Password and makes the PDF file accessible. If you are having multiple PDF files then the tool can access them as well in one go.

Types of Restrictions which will be Removed

  • Editing Restriction
  • Printing Restriction
  • Copying Restriction
  • Restriction to Document Modification
  • Document Assembling Restrictions
  • Owner’s Password
  • User’s Password

Steps to Open PDF Document without Password

  • Install and Launch PDF Unlocker. Select one or more PDFs and click on Next.

pdf unlocker 1

  • Preview will be Displayed of the Selected PDF files.


  • Check the total number of PDF files you have selected and also check either of the options highligted below as per your requirement.


  • Here, you can check on “Save File in Separate Folder” option to save the unlocked PDF file separately. And click on Unlock button to begin the process.

unlock process

  • Here you have successfully unlocked the PDF file. Now you can either download the report or perform the same steps again on another PDF file or folder.

download report

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Well you can see that using the tool can avoid the wastage of time and energy. It is difficult for non-technical user to try the manual steps. So the PDF Password Remover tool would be a great help for them.


I hope by trying the above tricks you can open password protected PDF without password. First, try all the manual tricks but if the PDF file is severely protected by a password then only try the professional tool. If the PDF file is encrypted then too this tool can help to remove the password. The user can also preview the PDF via this tool without saving it.

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