How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10 Operating System

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A large number of files on a hard disk drive can surely affect the performance of your computer. You need to free up disk space on your Windows PC. And the best way to do that is by deleting the files which are no more required. But sometimes it may happen that you delete some important files by mistake. What will you do? In this article, we’ll learn how to recover deleted files from Windows 10.

Data loss is always very painful, doesn’t matter how it happens, i.e. due to accidental deletion or corruption. Let’s suppose you delete some unnecessary files from your PC. But the very next moment you realize that you’ve deleted some crucial files as well. Or, maybe you format a local drive accidentally. Corruption can also cause data loss in some cases. So whatever the situation is, you lose your data. If we talk about data deletion, it has two types: temporary and permanent. In the case of temporary deletion, you can recover the deleted files from the recycle bin. But if you delete the files permanently, the file recovery task becomes very challenging, especially for novice users.But don’t worry. Let me help you with that.

Data Loss due to Accidental Deletion

As previously mentioned, if you delete the files temporarily, you can recover them with ease. How? Whenever you delete something in a Windows system, it goes to the recycle bin. And the recycle bin keeps the data until you make it empty. So if you realize that you’ve accidentally deleted something, you should definitely check the recycle bin from which you can restore the files with ease. But remember, it’s only possible in the case of temporary deletion.

There are a few computer users who prefer hard delete to free up disk space. The permanent deletion happens when you delete the files by using Shift+Del+Enter keys. The files can also be lost permanently by formatting the drive or the entire hard disk. In such a situation, the deleted files don’t go to the recycle bin. Then where do they go? How can they be recovered? These are a few questions you may find yourself asking.

How to Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10?

Data loss can be a common experience of computer users. So whenever it happens due to any reason, a valid backup file plays the role of a lifesaver. Backup, as the name suggests, is a process of backing up the computer data into the main file. A backup file (BKF) contains the copies of your data which you can restore at any time. That’s why data recovery experts always recommend taking a regular backup of your computer data. But if you don’t have any backup or the BKF file is itself corrupted, you should consider using a professional data recovery tool in order to recover deleted files from Windows 10.

There are many vendors in the online marketplace which provide professional data recovery solutions. So it’s always difficult to choose the best one when there are too many choices. Although there are a few freeware data recovery software, sometimes they may not work up to the mark. It’s better to use an exclusive data recovery tool like Windows Data Recovery provided by Data Recovery Solutions.

Windows Data Recovery Tool

The Windows Data Recovery tool from Data Recovery Solutions is highly recommended by many data recovery experts. It’s one of the best data recovery solutions available in the online marketplace. It smartly recover deleted files from Windows 10 which include documents, photos, videos, emails, etc. Doesn’t matter what storage media you’ve lost your data from, you can successfully restore your data back. This data recovery tool offers a variety of features which you may not get in other software. Below are the most common features:

  • Recover maximum possible data in all the data loss cases, i.e. accidental deletion, corruption, and drive formatting.
  • Execute data recovery from both NTFS (new technology file system) and FAT (file allocation table) file systems.
  • Support both the partition tables: MBR (master boot record) and GPT (GUID partition table).
  • Intense scanning of the hard disk drive in two different modes: Standard and Advance.
  • Enable users to add custom volume if any volume is missing after the scanning process.
  • Three different modes for effortless data recovery: Standard, Advanced, and Deep.
  • Smart preview of all the recoverable data prior to saving.
  • Support data recovery from the hard disk drives and other popular storage media.
  • Highly compatible with all major versions of Windows operating systems including the latest Win 10.


The Windows Data Recovery tool is available with the free demo. So before you can purchase the software, you must download its demo version for free evaluation. By using the demo version, you can scan the complete hard disk drive. Also, you can check the preview of your recoverable data prior to saving. And if you’re satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the software. The licensed version will cost $49, the most affordable price for a data recovery tool.


In this article, we’ve discussed the common reasons for data loss. Also, we’ve learned how a backup file can help us recover deleted files from Windows 10. If there’s no backup available, it’s better to use a professional data recovery solution like Windows Data Recovery tool. Although a professional data recovery tool can recover your data back, you can avoid data loss situation by taking regular backup of your computer data.

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