Recover Deleted Partition of Windows File Systems (NTFS & FAT)

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Have you ever faced data loss? How did you deal with such a hard situation? Sometimes it might be really difficult to recover data after a data loss situation, especially when you don’t have the backup. In such a situation, you need to use a professional recovery solution that can restore your maximum possible data from the hard disk as well as recover deleted partition of NTFS file system and FAT file system.

In a computer machine, the hard disk plays a very important role. It’s a storage device that stores all the software applications as well as the data files created and used by them. A hard disk contains a single unpartitioned storage space. You can easily divide the storage space into different sections where each partition section works as a separate hard disk. Computers use a specific file system to store as well as organize the data on a hard disk drive and other types of storage media. There are two types of file system used by Windows: FAT (File Allocation Table) and NTFS (New Technology File System).

Though NTFS is an advanced file system, FAT is considered to be a simple file system. Also, it’s supported by various Windows operating systems like DOS, Windows 98, ME, 2000, etc. In Windows XP and later operating systems, the FAT file system is replaced by the NTFS file system. And it’s now the default file system in the latest Windows-based operating systems. How is it better than the old file system? Unlike FAT, it can save files with over 4 GB of size. Additionally, the NTFS file system provides you better security and quick defragmentation.


Both NTFS and FAT file systems have a variety of features. But they have a major drawback. The fact says that a file system is prone to severe issues, be it FAT or NTFS. Any sort of error may result in data loss situation. Even sometimes the partitions get deleted due to the hard disk failure or crash. Just think about this:

You experience a very strange problem. You switch on the computer system and find the display is blank with an error message, “Imminent Hard Disk Failure”. Or maybe you drop the laptop on the floor, and the screen goes black. You try to turn on the computer again, but it can’t be opened.

Most of the time, the problem is related to the hard disk drive. If the hard disk has been crashed due to any reason, you’re likely to face data loss. It’s one of the most frustrating situations for any computer user. The event of hard disk failure or crash may destroy the partition table. Consequently, the system fails to recognize the partition; hence you can’t see it. But this doesn’t mean the partition is deleted or lost. The thing is that you’re unable to see it.

recover deleted partition

Partition May Be Lost while Switching FAT to NTFS 

Since NTFS is the advanced file system, people using FAT would surely like to switch to NTFS. It has the ability to store larger files, while the FAT file system has no such ability. There are different methods you can use to switch from FAT to NTFS. Though changing the file system is a simple procedure, sometimes it may put your data at high risk of loss. This often happens when you perform the procedure incorrectly. There are many other reasons due to which the partitions may get deleted or damaged. Virus attack, unexpected system shutdown, human errors like accidental deletion are few common reasons. Now the question is how to

Recover Deleted Partition of FAT & NTFS 

If you have the valid backup, you can restore almost everything from that. But if there’s no backup, how would you recover deleted partition from the hard disk drive? In such a situation, you need to use a professional Windows Data Recovery tool. It can recover deleted partition from NTFS and FAT file systems of the corrupt/damaged hard disk drive. It supports both GPT (GUID partition table) and MBR (master boot record) partition table. Follow the steps shown below to recover deleted partition by using the smart Windows Data Recovery software:

Step 1: Launch the Windows Data Recovery software on your system.

windows data recovery

Select the volume or drive from which you want to recover the data.

Step 2: Now you need to select the recovery mode: Standard, Advanced, or Deep.

windows data recovery

  • Standard Mode fixes minor corruption issues.
  • Advanced Mode fixes moderate corruption issues.
  • Deep Mode fixes severe corruption issues.

Note: If you select the Advanced mode, you need to enter the number of file systems you want to find. By default, it’s 3.

Step 3: Within a couple of minutes, the scanning process will be completed.

windows data recovery

Now expand the folders in the tree-structure to check the preview of your data which you can actually recover.

Step 4: Select the data in the tree-structure which you want to save, and then click the Save button.

windows data recovery

Step 5: Browse a location where you want to save the recovered data.

windows data recovery

Then click the Save button to start the saving process.

Step 6: Within a couple of minutes, the saving process will be completed.

windows data recovery


Download the demo version of Windows Data Recovery tool for free evaluation. The demo version works exactly same as the licensed version. You can scan the corrupt hard disk drive and recover the deleted partition. Also, you can check the preview of your data which you can actually recover from the partitions. And if you’re satisfied with the results, then only you should purchase the software.

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